“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Prowling through a workout

Have you ever had a workout or used a particular piece of exercise equipment and thought - "WOW, I want to do THAT again!!!"  It's like being a kid again!!!

Kind of like how Avery feels about her favorite exercise:
She was actually cooing and smiling the whole time.  Only Daddy does this exercise correctly.  Perhaps I should quit putting her in "Daddy's Girl" stuff - maybe it's giving her ideas?

Anywhoodle, Adam, the guy who puts me through my strength training, often tells me before an exercise, "You'll really like this one."  And, of course, "like" might not be the right word.  Hahaha.   This morning he started with, "This will probably be the hardest workout we've ever done."  So, of course, I LOVED it.  Well, at least the prowler part.

What is a prowler you ask?  It's similar to those weighted sleds they use in football training:
I actually used the Prowler 3 - but couldn't find a good photo of it
This picture from the internet doesn't do it justice - mine looked different.  I'll have to bring my camera to the gym next time.  Mine had a cross bar, shoulder pads, and a bar for adding weights.  Anywhoodle, you put your shoulders on the two bars...and PUSH....while running as fast as possible...because once you lose momentum, it's harder.  There was a cross section piece on the one I used that allowed me to also turn around with my butt to it and push it backwards - THAT WAS TOUGH.  Nonetheless, I loved this exercise.  And I mean LOVED.  I think that's a sign that there is something wrong with me.  LOL.
My mommy is so embarrassing that I must hide my face in shame.
I also got a package that put a big cheesy grin on my face today - so for those of you that are only here for the pictures of Avery's brand new stocking and ornament...
Avery's first stocking - it matches the rest of our set.
The rattle actually says - Baby's 1st Christmas and the heart has her birthdate on it.
So, back to my original question - Do you have any exercise that just DOES it for you?  One that makes you smile and say "let's do that AGAIN."?

Do you want to push a prowler now too?  Come on, you know you want to.


  1. She is adorable, Mandy!

    I LOVE ab exercises. I need to get back in the gym and keep trying new stuff. Once of my favorite things used to be hanging abs/leg lifts. It was hard and it hurt, but I really felt GREAT afterwards!

  2. It's a Christmoose stocking!! I love it!!

  3. Deb - I knew you would like the stocking. :D

  4. Sara - I need to find that love for ab exercises!

  5. I'm refusing to buy anything that says "Daddy's Girl" because I have a feeling she's going to lean that way anyways. Stupid husband and his awesomeness with babies. When I'm not pregnant anymore can we go do the prowler? That thing sounds wicked awesome.

  6. That's awesome! I love it.

    Exercise that makes me say lets do that again: TRX! Incredibly hard and challenging (really feeling it today) but for some reason I am addicted!

  7. Sarah - I think that's smart. And absolutely - we will go do the prowler. I love that dang thing! :D

    Laurie - Ok. I'm adding TRX to my list of things to try. :)

  8. That's right!! You guys haven't seen my Moosetivity set! Or my 12 Days of Moosemas ornaments. So fun having "new" friends! :)

    And NO, not exchanging the moosemas ornaments. I love you guys, but there are limits... ♥♥ :)

  9. LOL! I can't wait to see your Moosetivity set and the Moosemas ornaments!

  10. Now I am dyyying to push a prowler. Seriously. I think some sort of condition that makes me crazily enjoy torturing myself. Case in point - hills were my favorite part of marathon training. Especially at the end of long runs. wth?! =)


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