“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Monday, December 26, 2011

Days of Firsts

A couple of days ago, Avery had her first flight on a plane (while outside the womb).  She actually did pretty well.  Our flight was delayed about 45 minutes.  She fell asleep a little bit before the flight, and slept for the first 2 hours of the flight.  
I don't know what Mommy was so worried about...I'm easy!
She woke up with about an hour left....ate...hung out with mommy....and didn't fuss until they took too long opening the cabin door and she wanted OUT of the dang carrier.  I picked her up and let Mark be a pack horse until we got to baggage claim so that I could carry her.  This made her happy.

She thoroughly enjoyed having Grandparents to give her added attention that night.  The next day we went to her first Christmas Eve service...So I dressed her up.  She did really well during the service, except for the projectile spit-up all over Mommy, Avery and the floor.  Luckily, I packed 4 spit-up cloths.  Always prepared!
This was taken with Mommy's new iPhone.
Her first Christmas morning started at 5:30am...Avery doesn't believe in switching to central time, or sleeping in.  What she DOES believe in is joyful screaming...which she started doing for the first time on Christmas day - what fun!
Mommy is inventing stories - I'm a perfect angel.
A reindeer hat.  really?
Her other new trick this week?  Rolling over from her back to her tummy!  She gets quite annoyed when her arm gets stuck under her body though.
Does this reindeer make my butt look big?
Sleep is all mommy wanted for Christmas.
I'm the perfect present.
She even decided to ride a Longhorn for Christmas...a present from Grandma and Pops.
Bull-riding is next!
A great first Christmas! We still have the dreaded long car ride to my In-laws for that visit before heading home via plane.

How were your holidays?  Did you travel?

My favorite thing about coming home is we have the same favorite holiday dishes every year...what's your favorite holiday food?

Rainier Training: Week 8

Quick Look:

# of Workouts:6
# of miles ran/walked:13
Weight: 196.7 (Down 0.7 lbs from previous week)*
Chest: --
Hips: --
*Different scale used from previous weeks

Monday:  480m swim, ST with Adam; Tuesday: 4.23 mile run; Wednesday: 1 mile walk; Thursday: 3.01 mile run; Friday: Rest day; Saturday: 4.66 mile run; Sunday: Rest day - Christmas   

Despite all the sweets I ate for Christmas....I lost a bit of weight.  Of course, I used a different scale for the weigh-in because I'm not at home and no measurements this week.

Considering the number of peanut butter bars I have consumed since being in Texas...WIN!

I will do another post of Avery's first Christmas soon...promise!  I will also get caught up in blogland.  Dratted family time in Texas, cutting in on all my blog following and posting.  :)

Until then....
Being cute is hard work.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Wednesday

This post is for my friends with ADHD as it will be lots of random tidbits with absolutely no connection to each other.  HA!

This blog NEEDS a new name!!!  Suggestions people!  So far, one of my favorite suggestions is "No Standing Still".   Things to consider with name suggestions:  I am a mom with an infant, so she'll come up in many posts.  I am climbing a freakin' mountain with a glaciated peak in July and will have many posts about that training.  I am a runner, slow, but a runner nonetheless.  I am super competitive.  (thus the slow annoys me).
Who wouldn't want to climb this???
Avery is really throwing me for a loop with her sleep schedule lately, especially her new favorite sleep spot that Mark discovered on accident.
No wonder Mommy and Daddy spend so much time on the couch - it's comfortable!
Do you think race directors will look at me funny if I start asking if the medal ribbon will be red before I register?  I think my medal rack is entirely overloaded with red ribboned medals.  Maybe I need to stop sorting them by distance and sort them by color instead...I know, I know...too OCD.
Why do you never try something new on race day?  I was preparing for a 4 mile run last night, a length that I don't normally use gu or other energy thingee for.  Ben convinced me to try a Clif Shot.  I only had a couple "bites" of it...but that was enough.  I spent most of my run last night nauseous and spitting up.  Since running is a mental sport, this made pushing through it awfully tough.  I also had put Revive Vitamin water in my water bottle randomly.  My husband mentioned as I was leaving that it hadn't settled well with him the night before.  Once I was nauseous, I tried drinking it...and it only made it worse.  So, either the gel or the vitamin water was the culprit.  I will be avoiding both for the foreseeable future.
It actually was a better texture than Gu....
As the day of the flight gets closer, I get more and more nervous about flying with Avery, especially given her recent sleeping habits.  I think I'm just psyching myself out. It will be fine. It's only a 3.5 hour flight time...the car ride to Mark's parents, on the other hand, will be 5 hours.  Easy, right?  :/
You wish Mommy.

Is there anything you absolutely can't have pre-running or working out?  (Other than the obvious)

Is there a medal ribbon color that predominates in your collection?

Any blog name suggestions????? 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Rainier Training: ONEderland

Quick Look:
# of Workouts: 5
# of miles ran/walked: 9
Weight: 197.4 (Down 3.4 lbs from previous week)
Chest: 42.0" 
Hips: 50"  (Down 2" from previous week)

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: NOBO 3.5 mile run
Wednesday: 1 hour ST with Adam
Thursday: NOBO 2.68 mile run; 0.84 mile walk
Friday: rest day
Saturday: MIT 2.04 mile run
Sunday:  Unplanned rest day
Well, I have achieved one of my Rainier Training goals, Goal #3 - to get in good enough shape to begin hard-core training, i.e. get back below 200 lbs.  I lost 3.4 lbs this week, despite shoddy training, and now I can begin really training.

I also got some new training equipment, a bosu ball (A Christmas present from my dad):
And a swim cap for my swims - I've never worn a swim cap before, this could be entertaining the first time I try to put it on.  LOL!

It's somewhat funny.  Many people would consider 5 workouts in a week to be a good week.  Me?  When I made the image from dailymile for this post, I said - WHAT? I only did 5 workouts this week?  WTH.   I did have an unplanned rest day on Sunday when something I ate in the morning disagreed with me and left me nauseous the rest of the day.

To improve on this past week's training and to finally get started on the hard-core training, this week, I am going to be making an effort to take advantage of paying for the kids room at the gym.  (So that I can get a workout in during the day, despite Miss Avery).  It's been hard to use it lately, because it's not open in the afternoon.  So far, I did go swimming this morning, but it was a short swim, because I neglected to check whether there was a class in the pool before leaving the house.  WINNING!  :)

In January, my weekly schedule will generally be strength training with Adam on Mondays and Wednesdays, as well as stair-climbing sessions in those mornings.  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays will be run days.   Friday will be a rest day. Sundays will be a swim, hike or stair climb day.  If the weather is ever nice enough for outdoor baby time, I will load Avery up in the Kelty pack, put on my climbing boots and hike over at High Banks Metro Park.  

Is there any exercise equipment that you feel you can't live without?

How did you week go?  What are your plans for this coming week?

Friday, December 16, 2011

My New Role in Life

I've decided my new role in life must be to come up with more ways to torment my daughter.  Besides, when she's in her teens - she'll say that I am so mean anyway - so why not start early, right?  :)

This week, per the pediatrician, we introduced solids in the form of extremely watered down rice cereal.
O.M.G.  What IS that?  And why is it NOT in a bottle?
Avery's digestive system decided that it didn't like cereal - and she didn't sleep well the two days we ate it - because of constipation.  I believe that I am a very bad mommy when I don't sleep at all for two nights in a row - what gave it away?  The yelling "just shut up" at 4am may have been my first hint.  I know - mom of the year - right?   Bottom line - we've decided to put solids aside and try again in another month.
The new high chair was a hit though - honest.  Doesn't she look thrilled?
Today - my mom's group had their "holiday party" - so I used that as an excuse to dress Avery up in an outfit that my grandma sent.  She absolutely refused to smile in any of the photos with the outfit on - I can't imagine why.

You will pay for this mommy.  I am planning another screaming session for 2am.
I have decided NOT to torment her by taking her to see a mall Santa...mostly because that would probably torment ME more than her.

My only regret this week is that I did not videotape the face she makes while trying to poop, it really is pretty awesome.  Just sayin'.

This time next week - we will be flying to Texas.  I've never flown with an infant before and I'm rather dreading the experience.  Although, the car ride from my parents to Mark's parents might inspire even more dread in me.
But I'm so sweet and innocent!

Any tips for traveling with a 4 month old?

Any other pictures I can take of Avery that I can threaten to show her future boyfriends?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rainier Training: Week 6

Quick Look:
# of Workouts: 6
# of miles ran: 11.48
Weight: 200.8 (Down 0.2 lbs from previous week)
Chest: 42.0" (Down 1" from previous week)
Hips: 52"  (Down 1" from previous week)

Tuesday: 40 min ST with Adam; 1.3 mile TM run
Thursday: 40 min ST with Adam; 3.1 mile Hope Endures Virtual 5K with NOBO, Recap
Saturday: 3.08 mile run with NOBO
Sunday: 4.0 mile Holiday Run, Recap
I lost 0.2 lbs last week, what a joke!  HA!  I will not beat myself up about it though because a couple of things probably affected my weight that won't be an issue in future weeks....and going out to dinner, which involved lots of fried pepper jack cheese, the night before my weigh-in wasn't the wisest of choices (although it was a tasty one!).  

On the upside - I lost an inch each on those hips and chest!  YAY!

Training was kind of eh this week - I sprinkled in quite a few rest days, which I needed. It was good for me, and my quads actually don't feel too bad this morning!  I had planned today to be a rest day after two days of running, but maybe I'll do a swim instead.  :D

Avery also had a weigh-in and measurements today - her 4 month checkup!  She passed with flying colors!   She's now 13 lbs, 4.8 oz and in the 25-50th percentile for both weight and height!  (Up from 10%).  She's not even measuring as a preemie anymore...on milestones or weight/height measurements!  WTG Kiddo!   I was told that we could start introducing solids.  Yikes!  People with kiddos always tell you "they grow up fast," but this is the first time I've experienced it for myself.
4 months old - compared to the heartbeat bear.  She's finally bigger than it!
Avery and the same bear at 2 weeks old.
She got 5 vaccines today, 4 shots and an oral.  She was VERY displeased and cried non-stop until we left the doctor's office and had the soothing feeling of sucking on a paci while riding in a car.  She promptly fell asleep, so....not gonna lie...I stopped at the store for rice cereal, little bowls and little spoons on the way home.  LOL.  For some reason normal things made little for babies is super cool to me this morning.
Munchkin bowls
Tommee tippee spoons.

How did your week go???

What are your plans for this week?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Run Recap

Race: Holiday Run
Distance:  4 miles
Date:  December 11, 2011, 9am start

Finish time:  49:13, 12:19 min/mile
What sets this race apart: The weather???

This is another M3S sports race, which generally means you can expect a nice, well run race. It took place in Sharon Woods Metro park, which is notorious for a few large hills - for Columbus anyway.  

This race always takes place the 2nd weekend in December....in Ohio...and thus, is somewhat well known for having bad weather.  This year - it was beautiful and sunny!   Oh.  And 18 degrees Fahrenheit.  Nonetheless, I dressed as I typically do for winter runs:  running tights, a long sleeve tech shirt, a running jacket, and gloves.  I also wore a Texas Santa Hat, but the hat came off within the first 2 miles.  I actually also took the jacket off in the last half of the race...which required a brief walk to get it off over my Garmin.  Apparently, I need to practice running and stripping.  Er. 
Crossing the start line - pre-stripping
I have been struggling with sore quads from training so hard to get back in shape post-baby, so I wasn't sure how today would go after running 3 miles with NOBO yesterday.  A dailymile buddy who is much faster than me saw me and told me he intended to run with me.  I pointed out that he was much faster than me - and he said that as long as I didn't intend to walk (it was too cold for that), he didn't care.  I'm a touch competitive and don't like holding people up... As a result, I pushed HARD and ran the second consecutive hill a bit faster than I should have.  I was breathing like I was dying at the top, but I ran the whole thing darn it!  LOL!  Of course, trying to get my breath back in the cold, with my asthma, forced me to drop the pace a bit for the next mile.  This left me rather frustrated with my final time for the event.

My friend Rob kept me sane though...and running.  There was some guy back of us that yelled HA every 2 seconds the ENTIRE race.  At first, we thought - what is that - a goose?  Then, no - maybe that's a dog.  Somewhere around mile 2 - we realized - THAT'S A PERSON!  Rob then started fantasizing about wrapping his scarf around the guys face.  LOL!  That helped keep me from getting too annoyed until the last half mile when the guy started catching us.  I told Rob - that GUY is not passing us and picked up the speed.  HAHAHA. I know, I know, I'm terrible.

The swag for this race was decent if you picked up at Fleet Feet.  A long sleeve tech shirt and a holiday ornament (you got to pick out the ornament.)  I do not think you got an ornament if you picked it up at the race.
I actually puffy pink heart this shirt - and wore the shirt for the race the day of the race for the first time ever!
What was really fun - was seeing more of my running buddies from MiT - a couple of faces I hadn't seen in months!
Me and Laurie rocking the hats!

The MiT gang post-race!
I also got to meet up with all the daily mile Columbus (Run DMC) folks -
Run DMC - post race
Of course - these groups of people are why I even did this race to begin with.  I keep saying - no more races until X or - no more races of less than 13 miles.  And people keep talking me into "just one more."

My friend Lynne from NOBO also ran the race.  This was her longest run EVER!  WOOT!
Lynne and I - post race
The coolest thing though?  Another MiTer, Richard gave me a belt that I can attach race bib numbers to!  I will never have to put safety pins through my clothes ever again!  All because he had this spiffy thing - and I asked where he got it.  (Turns out he got it through his tri-training group)....then he took it off, took his bib off of it, and handed to me.  What a nice guy!  It's pictured here with my bib and medal.  ;)

What's the coldest weather you've ever run a race in?

What's the toughest weather you've ever run a race in?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hope Endures Virtual 5K

Race: Hope Endures Virtual 5K
Distance:  3.1 miles
Date:  December 2-6, 2011.  I did it 12/8/2011

Finish time:  40:37
What sets this race apart: In Memory of Ashlyn

Another Blogger, Courtney, held a virtual 5K race in memory of her daughter Ashlyn.  Anyone could participate and we were supposed to run the race between December 2nd and 6th.

I was plagued by quad issues this week, and didn't want to count my frustrating run on Sunday as this race.  So, I ran it late, on December 8, 2011.  I know, I'm completely lame.  Nonetheless, I refused to NOT run the race after saying I would, late or not.

To make up for being late though, I convinced about half of my Thursday night NOBO group to run it with me.  They are training for their first 5K on January 1st, and had 2.5 miles on the schedule tonight.  I told them that I was going to run an extra 0.6 after leading the group through their run...and why I was going to do it, I invited anyone  to come with me.  FIVE people took me up on the offer!!!  I was amazed!!!  I told them all that they were awesome and I loved them.

Amazing how running can make you tell people you barely know that you love them.  Training together makes us closer???

Here's the running group that went back out and did 3.1 miles in 40:37.
Lynne, me, Andrew and Sue
And here's the walking group that also went back out.
Deb and Heidi
Awesome people going the extra distance for a good cause and to honor Courtney's daughter.  Several of them told me to pass along extra hugs for Courtney as well.  (And this despite temperatures in the low 30's!)

Bottom line:  I'm really sorry that I was lame and ran it late...and I hope bringing 5 extra people with me makes up for my tardiness!

Has running ever inspired you to tell random people you love them?

Have you ever run a virtual race?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Resistance is Futile

So many things amuse me.  Perhaps too many things.

This week, several things related to my workouts really made me smile.  First, my husband and I were flipping through the guide on our TV - and saw that the show "I Shouldn't Be Alive" was about mountain climbing.  We laughed and decided to watch it.  It started with "This is a true story that occurred in Washington State."  I looked at Mark and bet him it was about Rainier.  He didn't take the bet, damn.  

A view from near the summit on Rainier - from my friend Seans trip
For those who haven't seen it, I shouldn't be Alive is a dramatization of events that should have killed people, but against all odds, some survived.  This episode was about Mt. Rainier and two climbers that fell into a crevasse on the decent.  (One made it, and one didn't).  The caveat here is that they didn't take the same route we would and they were independent climbers (not climbing with a guide group like we will be).
Another image from near the Summit of Mt. Rainier from my friend Sean.
The views are worth the risk of death, right?  LOL
Next thing that amused me - We had our group meeting for Relay Around Columbus to go over the event guide and all the little rules that could get our team disqualified.  One entire page of the guide was a list of all the hospitals along the route.  I know, the fact that this amused me makes me odd.  Another funny thing about our group meeting?  I gave my team a safe word.  "Tone down the Type A Mandy".  LOL.
I think I need a safe word Mommy.
And the reason for the post title?  My trainer gave me some workouts for the stair climber.  On the page - he included the Borg Scale of Perceived Exertion.  I must be the only idiot that hadn't heard of it before - and a total nerd that my first thought was "Resistance is futile."  I'm not even really a Trekkie or anything.  For those that have never seen it - here it is in the words of Adam:

Level 1:  I'm watching TV and eating bon bons
Level 2:  I'm comfortable and could maintain this pace all day long
Level 3:  I'm still comfortable, but am breathing a bit harder
Level 4:  I'm sweating a little, but feel good and can carry a conversation effortlessly.
Level 5:  I'm just above comfortable, am sweating more and can still talk easily.
Level 6:  I can still talk, but am slightly breathless
Level 7:  I can still talk, but I don't really want to.   I'm sweating like a pig.
Level 8:  I can grunt in response to your questions and can only keep this pace for a short time period.
Level 9:  I am probably going to die
Level 10: I am dead.

Maybe I just like his descriptions better than then the original ones?

One last thing - I REALLY need to change the name of my blog.  It's fairly cliche and overdone...and doesn't really fit anymore....even if I am still practically big enough to be two people.  Any ideas?  I'll have to come up with some kind of prize package for anyone that submits an idea that I actually use.

What quirky workout related things make you smile?

Would you still climb the mountain after seeing that episode?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Rainier Training: Week 5

Quick Look:
# of Workouts: 9
# of miles ran/walked/elliptical/swam: 16
Weight: 201.0 (Down 1.4 lbs from previous week)
Chest: 43.0" 
Old Waist: 44"  (Down an inch from previous week)
Hips: 53"

Monday: 2.51 miles on elliptical
Tuesday: 40 min ST with Adam; 3.26 miles run
Wednesday: 1600 m swim (about 1 mile)
Thursday:  40 min ST with Adam, 2.2 mile walk, 2.97 mile run
Friday:  Rest day
Saturday:  Rest day
Sunday:  3.41 mile run, 1 mile walk
If I had to pick one word to sum up this week's workouts/training...it would probably depend on when in the week you caught me.  Wednesday night or Thursday mid-day - I would have said AWESOME.  (I even was talked into signing up for another race). Anytime after that, I would say FRUSTRATION.

At the end of Thursday, in a 24 hour time frame I'd swam 1 mile, strength trained with Adam for 40 minutes, walked the dog and baby 2.2 miles and run 3 miles.  I was DONE.  Thank goodness we took the NOBO group out really slow on Thursday...because I was exhausted by the time I got there.  In fact, the group actually commented that I "wasn't myself."

I took a much needed rest day on Friday.  When I woke up to make Avery's bottle at 6am on Saturday, I had trouble walking down the stairs - my quads weren't functioning properly.  After a brief talk with hubby, I decided I had to skip NOBO for the first time since it started.  I needed another rest day.  As a result, I intended to do my run on Sunday and planned on 5 miles.  At mile 2, twinges in my quad again.  Of course - at that point I was almost 2 miles from my house, even if I cut out loops.  I started adding in walk intervals.  Close to mile 3, I stumbled to a limping walk when I felt a large twinge.  SO.  FRUSTRATING.   I grumped into the house, grabbed the dog leash and walked her for a mile to get my head back on straight.

This international condom commercial shows a kid doing what I really wanted to do for a minute or two...
All week long I'd been sneaking in weight checks - and thought I was going to gain weight this week.  As a result - the truncated run almost drove me to tears.  I know, I'm that girl.  It didn't help that my period arrived for the first time in 367 days just before the run.  

I usually try to keep everything positive, because whining doesn't solve anything and only pisses off the people that have to listen to it.  This weekend, I was ready to actually whine my head off.  LOL.  I have tempered that response now and hopefully just gave a factual account of what happened.  :)

On the up side - The equipment I posted about on Wednesday that I puffy pink hearted?  I did again at my strength training on Thursday - and I got my trainer's girlfriend to take photos.  HA!  He added a new aspect - pulling it with a chain. SO hard...but so much fun!
The first exercise from Tuesday that I tried to describe.
After these smiles and me saying I loved it..
Adam said I wasn't working hard enough and added a 25 lb weight to the sled.  I still LOVED IT.
Pulling the sled.
We also did chest press pull-pushes.  Where I would pull the sled toward me and push it ahead of me as far as I could...run up to it and repeat.  That was EXHAUSTING.  Again though, loved it.

A bit of housekeeping:  This morning - I realized that my method of measuring my waist is flawed...and as I lose weight won't be accurate because I have it higher in the back then the front and will be hard to repeat with a measurable amount of accuracy.  (Yes, the geeky analytical chemist rears her ugly head.  LOL!).  So - I kept that measurement on the list this week, but will remove it from this point forward.  I also added a new measurement - called hips - which will be a more accurate measure (if a bit more depressing numbers wise initially).

I hope everyone had a great week!  I will be running the Hope Endures Virtual 5K instead of my usual Tuesday training run tomorrow...in remembrance of another blogger's daughter.  Very special.

What do you do when training hiccups cause a break from the plan?

How do you stay motivated when training frustration strikes?

Have you ever run a virtual race?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Girly Girl - NOT

No one that knows me at all would ever accuse me of being a girly girl.  Friday night - that point was driven home with a sledgehammer.  I. Had. To. Go. Shoe. Shopping.  Oh the horror!

I know a lot of gals like shoe shopping...but if I'm not shopping for new running shoes - it's just a stressful and overly long process.  Husband has a black tie work party tonight, and since my feet grew during pregnancy, I had to get new shoes.  (I did not get a new dress, because I fit into the one from last year, and refuse to buy another dress this size).  I must have looked terribly lost, because this flamboyant salesmen kept asking how I was doing - each time I growled in response.  He persisted until I let him help me.  An hour after I got to the store, I finally had a workable pair of shoes.

Earlier in the day - I had a more enjoyable shopping experience at the Second Sole.  It's another running store in the area.  I had to go in and pick up my team's free Relay Around Columbus hats.  By being one of the first 150 teams to register - we get hats.  Yay us!  Maybe I just liked that shopping trip because they are free?

Now, I'm not a girly girl...but Avery might become one.  Just look at these adorable booties my grandma made her.  I admit, I kept saying that I need more outfits for her to wear these with!
Seriously, Mom.
My good friend Sarah and her husband are babysitting Avery while my husband and I go to the party tonight.  May the baby gods look on them with mercy!  HA!  Avery is crankiest after 6pm.  They take over Avery-duties at 6:45pm.  Good luck!

Before they take over baby duties though...I had Sarah's husband take some pictures of us...here's my favorite:

When was the last time you dressed up for something???

Do you like shopping for shoes?  Or is it just me that thinks it's torture?