“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Friday, November 25, 2011

Flying Feather Recap

Race: Flying Feather 4 miler
Distance:  4 miles
Date:  November 24
, 2011; 9am start time (Thanksgiving)
Finish time:  48:45, 12:12 min/mile
What sets this race apart: The bottle of wine for finishers

This is another race put on by M3S Sports.  I did this race last year when it had about half the racers it did this year.  LOVED it.  I mean, what's not to love about a bottle of wine for finishers?

It was a lot more crowded this year - maybe it had something to do with Runner's World picking this race as one of the top 10 thanksgiving races? 

Nice swag in the bag for this race as well:
Long sleeve tech shirt, hat, gloves...and...
And a little bottle of whiskey
We brought a couple of toys for Toys for Tots - because they'd been a drop off spot for that at the race last year.  Apparently they quit doing it this year - but they still took my bag with promises to get it to Toys for Tots.
Avery would have loved these if they'd refuse to take them.  :)
I knew that I wouldn't be able to meet or beat my time from last year based on my conditioning, so my goals for this race were two-fold.  Run the entire race, no walking.  With that in mind, I started the race slow and gradually picked up speed when it was clear I would have plenty to give.  In fact, I could have run another mile or two.  YAY.  My secondary goal was to finish with a 12:30 min/mile pace - in line with the whole starting slow.  Success on both counts!  My avg min/mile splits were: mile 1: 12:33, mile 2: 12:31, mile 3: 12:00, mile 4: 11:26, bit over 4: 7:07.  Almost a 1 min/mile slower than last year - but since I did give birth 3 months ago, I'm okay with it.

They changed the course from last year eliminating most of the hills - which actually kind of bummed me out.  LOL.  I know, I'm not normal.  There were some gentle hills, but nothing even medium sized.  Nonetheless, LOVE THIS RACE and the course.  Most of the run takes place in Glacier Ridge Metro Park.  I do some of my Mommy Milers workouts out there...and I think I'll have to put that in the rotation for training runs.  It is even jogging stroller friendly, so once Avery is big enough for the jogging, we'll have to try it out.

There were lots of jogging strollers in the race - very humbling to be passed by someone pushing a double-jogger!  There were also a lot of walkers - the downside of a holiday-themed race.  Not only were there walkers - but they were inconsiderate.

<stepping onto my soap box>  I have no problem with people that walk a race or those that employ a race/walk strategy.  What I do have a problem with is when they decide to talk and string out to completely BLOCK the trail behind them.  And, when the slow walkers start at the front of the pack.  If you know you are slower - start in the rear - don't make it harder on the runners by forcing them to run around you.  In fact - a couple times, my patience reached it's limits.  Some high schoolers were running hard...and then walking and chatting and covering the trail.  As I ran towards them I yelled "Please don't block the entire path."  Another time, I was running through the only gap between walkers behind another runner - and she decided to start walking RIGHT in the gap.  I actually said aloud "seriously" - but she had her music on so loud (I could tell what she was listening to) that there is no way she heard me.   Another time - I simply yelled "On Your Left."

Despite all that, fun race....and several of my Lucky 13 gang were there....
Sara, me, Judi and Mollie - shamelessly stolen from Sara's camera.
My husband ran the race too (Sub-9 min/miles) but we forgot to check the battery on our camera before we left.  Oops.  So I made my friend Sarah (who'd watched Avery during the race) take a photo at home:
Avery -  I want a medal instead of this stupid turkey outfit.
The weather for the race was supposed to perfect - 40's-50's and sunny.  Instead - fog rolled in a bitterly cold biting wind.  While I was running it wasn't bad, but it was cold when we stopped!  All the finishers got a medal and a bottle of wine:
Bottom line - great way to start Thanksgiving.  I fully intend to be back again next year!!!
I get to come next year, right???  I'm dressed for the part!

What are your thoughts about walkers and run/walkers in a race?
What's the best race swag you've ever gotten?  (Can you beat wine and whiskey?)


  1. Amen, Mandy! I totally agree with your soapbox stance. Great job on the run! If we're in town next year, I'll be running it with you. :)

  2. You knew I would comment, right? Those walkers irritate me too! They forget that there are people who are there for the exercise and not the socialization part of it. But, that said, that race is usually the exception - I think we run into that at all races but that one has a ton of families just enjoying the time together, you know what I mean? I give it an exception for that.

    Great race! I have done it the last 2 years and was sad to miss it this year but I'm not sorry about where I was this year. :)

  3. Hahaha, whiskey? I guess it was pretty chilly. I'm glad you trust me not to break your baby. Keith is still accusing me of manhandling her. He's in for a shock once this kid is out.

  4. what a cute little turkey!! I have an Avery also, but she is almost five. Great job on your run and I love the shirt and that you get win afterwards, that is always so nice!

  5. Mandy! This post is awesome! Your photos are awesome too - your blog is SO one of my favorites, and not just because I know you, either - I love your style and what you write!

    I didn't have many problems with walkers on Thursday, but I was moving a little slower than you. I did, however, experience a similar thing at the Rotary 5K - it was literally hard for us to find a way past the rows of walkers! I started yelling 'ON YOUR LEFT' and people made comments about that being rude. I agree with you, start at the back and you will have more fun too and not feel like people (runners!) are pushing YOU around! I've done my fair share of walking and I am ALWAYS considerate of people moving faster than me. More people need to pay attention, agreed. On a course like that, there is plenty of time and space to walk as slow as you would like and still finish with all the frills!!

  6. LOTs of joggers? I should have done this. Last tine I was going to do a 5K race with jogger, Jeff highly advised against it. I got the kind of "you'll just be in our way and annoying" vibe, so I swore off strollers for real races, only doing the fundraisers with it. Now I'm bummed. again.

  7. Jenn - this is a very jogger-friendly race! My only annoyance was that some of those pushing joggers still ran faster than me. Hehehe. :D


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