“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Step Up Dreams

Today during my workout with Adam - we started in with a series of step-up exercises.  Although we've done a set or two of "easy" step-ups since I gave birth...he hasn't pushed me too hard...until today.   He decided that he would start pushing me harder today - although still not too many split-movements until the doctor clears those on Tuesday.
This is the step we used...
O.M.G.  Step-ups are hard.  Especially when you've taken it really easy on your legs for a couple months....and are heavier than you should be.  All I kept thinking during the second set of straight on, knee raises step-up was.....before July, I will need to be doing about twenty hundred of these at a time...not twenty.  

Toward the end of the workout - when I was running through the exercises a second time, I think Adam must have seen the frustration I've been feeling.   He gave me a mini-pep talk about not letting myself get frustrated.  He told me "fitness is supposed to be hard! There is a reason why so many people don't stay in shape - it's not easy."  The usual, just keep pushing and it'll get easier stuff.  And then he said - "Just don't do one thing.  Don't quit."  

Pfft.  I don't know how to quit.  Besides, I've already paid money for the half marathon in April and my Dad was nice enough to pay my climb deposit for July.  There is NO QUITTING in my vocabulary.  :D  I admit though - my 6 week postpartum brain made me tear up a bit when he said all this.  I wouldn't look at him.  LOL.  

Now the funny part - Avery took a nap this afternoon - and I decided I'd better nap with her so that if she didn't sleep tonight, I was better rested.  I dreamed about doing step-ups..with Avery strapped into the Bjorn.  HAHAHA!   It made the knee raise part rather difficult!  
You're going to do WHAT with me in here?
After our nap, and Avery's meal, we walked over to Fleet Feet (with her in the Bjorn) and picked up Oktoberfest race packets.  
It may not look like much - but the purple slip is a beer, the blue slip a brat, and the pink slip...
The most exciting thing in the packet?  The pink slip in the picture is good for one Schmidt's cream puff.  YAY!   I will finish this race, however slow I have to go, so that I can justify this yummy goodness.
Mmmmm....cream puff.
A cream puff almost as big as Avery????  I cannot believe I have lived in Columbus for 6 years and never had one of these...what was I thinking???

As a random side note - We also stopped at a store so that I could buy a sock liner to add to my climbing gear - I promise a post with funny photos of me wearing some of the new gear will come soon!

Would you run for a cream puff?
What is your favorite/least favorite step up exercise?

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