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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Product Review: Fischer-Price Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper

Product:  Fischer-Price Newborn Rock n'Play Sleepr
Uses:  Baby naps, bedtime, and somewhere for the baby to stay when mom needs a shower.
Cost:  $50-80 depending on where you go

Something I learned that no one told me before I had the baby.  Many babies do not like to lay flat on their backs.  And yet, current dogma on SIDS is that babies are supposed to sleep on their back.  

For the first week, Avery did not spit up and was willing to sleep in a bassinet in our bedroom.  After the first week, she started spitting up and absolutely WOULD NOT sleep in the bassinet.  She'd be sound asleep and when placed in the bassinet would wake up screaming.  The only place we could get her to stay asleep, the swing.
Mark and Cassie - asking Avery why she won't sleep in her bassinet
We told our friends about our miserable practice of having the baby sleep in the swing while one of us tried to sleep on the couch next to the swing.  (I have a two story house and did not relish carrying the swing up and down the stairs).  Over and over I heard "We had to do that too."  Why did no one tell me this pre-baby???  LOL

Turns out, according to our pediatrician, many newborns have a problem with acid reflux until they get a little older.  Their lower esophageal sphincter just isn't strong enough to stay closed and prevent food/milk from flowing backwards from the stomach into the esophagus. No fun for baby!   Anything less than a 45 degree angle exacerbates the problem.  

Enter the Fischer-Price Newborn Rock n'Play Sleeper.   I had a coupon for a Fischer-price baby item...and was even considering a second swing for the bedroom.  (I was desperate here - I'd already spent the third trimester sleeping on the couch!).  As I was browsing the bouncy/etc. aisle at BabiesRUs, I saw this little rocker/sleeper.  Hmm.  It is at an angle, has deep sides so it will give her the cushy I'm being held impression....with my coupon, about $45.  SOLD!  

The first night I put this together was the first night since week one that Avery was able to sleep in our bedroom...and I got to sleep in a bed again!  (for a couple hours in between feedings).   

Mark threw away the box the next day - We generally save the boxes until we know we're keeping something.  He obviously considered this a keeper!

Other great features???  It folds flat and is fairly lightweight.  Thus, it is easily transportable.  In fact, it is so lightweight (yet sturdy) that my cat Ginger rocked the baby by rubbing on it.  (It is a rocker, with rocker feet, so it's mean to do that).  I am able to slide it around the bedroom with ease, even with the baby in it.  It also has a little pocket - that I just discovered - that you can store small things in. 
Ginger - "I don't know what this lady is whining about, taking care of a baby is easy!"
Baby can use this product from birth up to 25 lbs.  It has a safety belt to strap them in as well.  We actually may bring this with us when we travel to Texas for the holidays.

The only potential negative - everything is manual.  What I mean is - there are no batteries and no motor.  Rocking it requires someone to physically rock it.  (But, the swings, etc. with motors generally cost about $100 more than this did, so it's a trade-off).

Bottom-line:  I should have bought this sooner!
Ginger - "No worries, I'm watching her."
Editor's Note:  After writing this review, but before posting it, I spoke with another mom who had a baby who'd had bad reflux issues.  She was talking about this amazing rocker that helped out - turned out - She was talking about the same rocker.

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