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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Product Review: itzbeen

Product:  Itzbeen timer
Cost:  Approx. $25
Use:  Know how long it's been since feeding, changing, etc.
Bottomline:  WORTH EVERY CENT!

My blog is so weird with both running and baby stuff, thought I'd do both running product reviews and baby product reviews.  I'm adding a page to the main blog so that you can find a list of all these reviews with links in case you want to find something later.

The Itzbeen timer - I heard about this through a neighbor with a 4 month old.  We were out for a walk and as we got to talking, she started telling me about all kinds of things that made her life easier when she first had her baby.

First - I'm nursing.  Even if I weren't, newborns tend to eat every 3 hours.  Approximately.  How do you generally know when they last ate, peed, etc?  charting.  Mark and I had been hand-charting Baby Avery's food, wet and dirty diapers for 4 weeks before we learned about this timer.  BY HAND.   Now, to be fair, it is useful in the beginning to have the hand charts to be able to answer the pediatrician's questions.  (i.e. how many dirty diapers).  Once, it's established that she is regularly making enough wet and poopy diapers...who cares?  :)   Now, I just need to know - WHEN exactly did I last feed her, pump etc.

Enter the itzbeen timer.  Worth every penny.  You push a button on one of the four spots - and it starts counting up in minutes and hours.   I use the "extra" button for when I last pumped.  (or I use one timer for left breast and one for right).   We don't use the sleep one for sleeping at the moment. (she doesn't do it enough!  HA!)

This is awesome.  If Mark fed her a bottle while I was sleeping....he pushes the button.  When I wake up - I still know exactly how long ago he fed Avery.  (Mark was bad at charting after the beginning).   It'll be great for babysitters too (as my neighbor mentioned).  I'll know how long ago she was changed and fed.  AWESOME.

For anyone with a baby, I highly recommend this item!  It also has a clock, a button for back-lighting everything to see it in the middle of the night, and a night light button for if you need just a little bit of light with the baby.  Oh - and it has a left/right switch for those that are nursing to know which breast they nursed from last.

Apparently, at Target, you can get them in multiple colors, but I just got mine from BabiesRUs.

Bottomline:  Worth the $25!

Whatever mom.  Where's the milk in this dratted contraption?
I'm spitting it out in T-10 seconds if milk doesn't start coming out.


  1. you can also get apps for your smart phone where you can chart the same things; although, you are not able to have sitters use it


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