“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

If found, please return...

If you are out and about today and happy to find the rational side of my brain, I would really appreciated it being returned to me ASAP!

I went for what was supposed to be my last short and easy run pre-Goofy with my friend Lynne this morning.  A front is coming through which often throws my asthma and allergies out of whack, or that's the excuse I thought of later.  I woke up this morning sluggish.  This feeling continued throughout the 5K run.  Originally we were going to run 4 miles, and with how sluggish I was feeling....I began to panic.  OMG.  I didn't taper enough!

Seriously?  I mean, SERIOUSLY???

After my morning shower, I was brushing my hair and Avery was going through the bathroom drawers as usual.  I saw my makeup and thought - "I should put on makeup.  And I should pack some to bring with me. Do I have enough makeup?"

Seriously????  For those that don't know...I wear makeup MAYBE once a year.  I usually only have to buy new makeup because the old stuff is starting to smell funny.  In fact, I didn't even wear makeup for my husband's fancy work Christmas party this year, and that's the one time that I usually do wear it.

Then.  I decided to blow dry my hair straight.  And, while doing that, I thought, I should buy a new hairdryer.  I loved that one I had back in college that was a brush and a hairdryer all in one.  When I go to the store for my last minute trip items, I should look for it.
An older version of this sweet machinery.
Seriously???  I blow dry my hair MAYBE once a month these days.  More often than I wear makeup, but still, I normally am way too lazy to go to that much effort.  I know, by now, you're all thinking - wow, you're husband is a lucky man.  LOL

I don't think I've had this many completely irrational (but seemed rational for a split second) thoughts since I was pregnant with Avery.  And no, SARAH, I'm not pregnant.
Don't worry Mommy, I'll help take care of any new babies.
I'm already using a full sized suitcase for this 5 day trip, and for a moment wondered if I was using a BIG enough suitcase.

Someone, please take my keys.  I am not sane enough to drive.

Oh, and runner tracking is now up at Disney, for those interested.

When was the last time YOU lost your mind?


  1. LOL you are adorable!
    If I blow dry my hair - something's off in my life. haha :D

    1. Ha! I knew I liked you for some reason. :)

  2. WOOT for Goofy! Cannot believe it's almost here! Have a blast! WOw Avery is getting big and cute as ever!

  3. I've recently misplaced my motivation. Does that count? If I find the rational side of your brain I'll let you know, if you do the same if my motivation shows up in your backyard.

  4. I would track you, but I left my cell phone in Kansas on the Christmas road trip from hell.....

    All sounds normal to me! You'll find your brain on Sunday, at the finish line.:^)

  5. I have a little Avery too :) Packing can sometimes make us way overguess what we need, I really hate packing. Have fun!

  6. Don't forget, you're running Goofy. That gives you full license to BE goofy or irrational or whatever.

    I agree with Terzah...all sounds normal to me too!

    So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ha, I am still laughing over our conversation earlier! I think we were both totally irrational. Its okay, we'll be fine Sunday just as Tezrah said. At least you didn't go out and buy another tracking device that you don't really need. Florida. Tomorrow. YAHOO!!

  8. Lol! Loved reading this :) . Don't worry - things will be back to normal all too soon.

    Gorgeous pic of Avery!

  9. If you are goofy enough to run Goof,y you are totally insane and that is great!!!!!! Enjoy!

  10. Funny, funny post :)
    I think the question for me is 'When is the last time you felt like you hadn't lost your mind?' LOL
    No sure if there will be another post before Goofy so I wanted to get in and let you know that I am wishing you the best of luck! I hope all of your Disney stars align and the experience is fantastic and all you hope for... and more!


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