“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Three Things Thursday

I'm not usually a big band wagon jumper, but as it turns out, I have three things to say that don't require separate posts, and it's Thursday.  Winning!

1.  Avery was a cute little lobster for Halloween last night.  Kind of.  She absolutely REFUSED to wear the hat portion of the costume, which made her costume a little less clear.
Quick!  Caught one photo before the hat was ripped off
Her preferred pose is nontraditional
She absolutely LOVED running up to strangers houses, but thought the point was to go inside and see what fun toys they had.  By the time we didn't get to go inside the 10th house, she was done with this trick-or-treating in the rain nonsense.

2.  Last week, my husband's office had their annual chili cook-off.  Every year my husband comes home from this and says - you would've won.  So, finally we tested it and I submitted my chili.   I came in second place!  The winning chili had bison meat that had been slow-cooked in bacon fat.  Since that's cheating, we'll just say I won.  Hehehe.  Also, my chili was the one consumed first.  Of course, I had to make more so that I could actually eat some, especially with the dreary cold weather!

3.  Early voting with a 14 month old in a swing state is not something I would wish upon my worst enemy!  When we first got in line, Avery was happy.  Eating goldfish, playing with her little toy car, smiling at everyone.  By the end, she was screaming and trying to run away.  So much so, that my vote almost didn't count.  In the rush to catch her, I did not press the "confirm" button hard enough.  After I caught her, I ran to escape the room before she completely melted down.  Luckily, the election official chased me down so that I could push the stupid confirm button.  Thank goodness, I would have hated to waste over an hour of suffering at the hands of Angry Avery!
Next time Mommy, bring more yogurt raisins.

Do you vote early?  Is anyone in the states ready for the political ads to cease and desist?

Did you and yours dress up for Halloween?

Most importantly, what's your favorite Halloween treat?


  1. I love candy too much. Thankfully Steve and I did not buy the Wonka bag of goodies. All my faves. We did get giant pixie sticks though.

    I have a ballot. To mail in. Can't fill it out. Can't decide. ARGHH!!

  2. I'm in Australia and I'M ready for your election to be over!! I think we have had more coverage of your little deal-io than we do our own election!!
    Halloween is getting bigger over here but it's still not huge so there was no dressing up for me. I love jelly babies pretty much any day of the year so I will vote for those as my favorite Halloween treat :)

    1. I wondered how it was affecting those outside the states! Jelly babies sound delicious!

  3. Can you come here and make turkey chili for me? Yum! Now you've got me craving it. I was going to make chicken and dumplings tomorrow night but maybe it'll have to be chili.....

    We did mail-in ballots. The best with kids....though my son was disappointed not to get to see the "voting machine".......

    1. I will probably be in Colorado for a while several times this next year, so maybe I CAN make chili for you! :D

  4. I probably should vote early, I can't wait in much of a line with L...
    So what was in your magical chili?! Congrats!!

    1. My chili was pretty simply sounding. Hamburger meat, tomato, chili beans and kidney beans. It's the spices that make it good. It's a very traditional chili. ;)

  5. I still can't vote early because I'm stubborn and hate being told what to do.

    You never would have guessed, right?


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