“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Monday, November 26, 2012

Goofy Training Update

Week of Nov. 19-Nov 25, 2012:

I neglected to weigh myself until after breakfast and a cup of coffee.  Since that number is not really a happy number, I've decided to make all of your days by NOT boring you with a weigh-in this week.  You can thank me later.  ;)

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Ran 4 miles at approx 11 min/mile avg.; 30 minute ST with new trainer
Wednesday: Ran 8 miles.  First 3 miles 10:16 min/avg, last 5 miles 11:17 min/avg
Thursday: Flying Feather 4 mile Race, Recap here
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Ran 10 miles, 10:59 min/avg
Sunday: Ran 18 miles, 11:21 min/avg
This is the first week where I've felt like "Hey, I'm training for 39.3 miles in a two day period."  This was a great training week, but I'm not going to lie to you, I'm looking forward to a fall back week this week!

Wednesday morning, I woke up sore (but in a good way) from my strength training on Tuesday.  Quads and hamstrings were making getting onto the toilet a little more tender than usual, if you know what I mean.  (Don't you just love a good visual?)

Nonetheless, I met some buddies for the start of my 8 mile run.  The two that were only doing 3, I knew, were much faster than I typically am.  Silly thing to do when sore and racing the next day.  Luckily, when we sped up a bit too much, everyone was willing to back off a bit.  Before heading back out for 5 more, my friend Lynne and I both looked at each other and said "we're going slower, right?"  Lynne is my running wife if you haven't figured that out yet.  She is not currently training for anything, but does almost all of my mid-week runs with me and some of the long weekend ones too.  I hope we never divorce! 
We'll always have running together, as long as she continues to be willing to run my training plan.
The rest of Wednesday, I was sore enough to send all kinds of whiny text messages to Sarah about how slow I was going to have to run the race.  Nonetheless, the race went great and another PR.  I'm sure Sarah was ready to punch me for all that pointless whining.

The real training issues came on the weekend.  I wore my new half-size bigger shoes for Saturday's 10 miler.  By about mile 3 the outside of my left foot was very tender.  I actually considered quitting after the 5.8 mile loop with my friend Amy, but I'm ridiculously stubborn sometimes and went back out (in the snow) for the last bit.  Surprisingly, it didn't hurt at all for that extra bit.

But, afterwards?  OW.  This time, Laurie got the whiny text messages, since she was meeting me for the 18 on Sunday.  I was preparing myself for the need to call the run off until next week.  I actually prayed about my foot.  Hoping that my foot would make it one more run, I promised myself Monday would be a full rest day.   I think that qualifies me as officially being in the "crazy runner club."  I went to bed by 9 pm, because I'm so exciting, in an effort to provide lots of sleep for my foot.
Besides, icing that part of your foot without using hands is really tough!
I woke up at 4:30 am, and limped to the bathroom.  I almost emailed my friends that I was calling the run at that point.  But, again, stubborn.  Crossed my fingers that it would be better in 2 hours and went back to sleep.  (I never took medication, on purpose.  I do not want to mask any pain.)

I woke up for good at 6:30 am, and had mild discomfort while getting ready.  Since my plan was three loops, 5.8 miles, 5.8 miles and 6.4 miles, I justified it saying that I would quit after the first loop if it was bad.

As an indication, I told my friends that if I limped or changed my gait to tell me so that I would quit.  Once I warmed up though, the peroneal tendon (the cause of the pain) loosened up, and the entire run felt great!  We saw deer, a bald eagle, and I even got hissed at by a pissed off Canadian Goose.  You haven't lived if you've never been hissed at by a goose.  

Note: I did not take the video below, it's one that I found on youtube with a similar hiss to what I experienced.

The run was great, except for the chaffing caused by the zipper on my sports bra, which I noticed at mile 9.  I've been alternating hydration belts, so, naturally, the aquaphor was in the one I was NOT wearing.  Lynne, my awesome running wife, spotted me money (since mine was back at my car) to buy Carmex from the gas station on the chance that it would help.

While Carmex is not what I would recommend to prevent chafing to most people, if you have nothing else, it actually helped!  So, if you ever find yourself in such a spot, worth the $2.23 paid.  (especially if you are spending someone else's money!)

I didn't take a single ice bath or ibuprofen the entire weekend!!!  28 miles, check mark.  Less sore than the first and only 18 miler I did training for Columbus, double check mark.  I think I'm actually going to be able to do this whole Goofy nonsense after all!
Are you STILL typing Mommy?
This week is a fallback week, so I only have 10 and 5 miles on the schedule this weekend.  I'm kind of looking forward to it a bit.  I may do the 5 miler at High Banks just for fun!

How was your training week?  Hit any new distances or milestones lately?

Do you have a training spouse?  Your secrets are safe with me.


  1. I have a training sister wife. Seriously, we keep offering to let her move in if she does the dishes. And no, I did not think about punching you. I did think about eating all of your Rolos, though. I'm helping you with your weight loss goals!

    1. I suddenly feel very uncool. You have never offered me a sister wife position. Thanks for the help on the Rolos!

  2. Way to go on your busy training week and your PR. Now take care of that foot!!! Trust me, you do not want to be me...

    1. Believe me, you came to mind while I was doing all this! Took yesterday completely off, and it feels completely normal again this morning. We'll see how today's run goes. ;)

  3. Yay for a fellow Goofy Challenge runner!! I'm looking forward to following along with your training. I hope your foot is feeling better!

  4. Wow, you're putting in some serious mileage - you go, girl! You're going to ROCK Goofy!

  5. Great training last week! Be careful with the foot! Hope it is better now!

  6. I do not have a training spouse, a hole in my diabolical plan. I only have Internet training spouses. :^)

    That's a lot of running. Just reading about it makes me want to take a step-down week myself. Wait, I guess that's what I'm doing....

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  8. I am very honored to be your running wife, Mandy! For better or for worse training runs :-) You always make them much, much better!


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