“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Woohoo - it's Thursday again!  I ran 10 miles yesterday (unintentionally, kind of), and I'm still going through my day TODAY with the good mood I got as a result!  Gotta love that!

1.  Things I'm obsessed with.  I just ate the entire bag of these "chips."  
Yes, I'd already opened it, but the smart close let's me fake like I hadn't.
Arguably, they are healthier than normal chips, but not when you eat 3.5 servings in one sitting.  I first tried these when a sample bag was placed in my Rock N Roll Virginia Beach packet.  I'd say that was fairly successful free samples on their part.

2.  Funny how things change.  When I first opened my new Tupperware set a couple of years ago - I thought these were the most annoying and useless pieces of Tupperware ever.  Who needs such small containers?
Oh magical tiny container!
Now.  With a small child, I have realized that THESE ARE THE BEST CONTAINERS EVER!  I use them all the time.  Leftover yogurt, cut up grapes for snacks, cut up strawberries for snacks, pretty much any toddler snack you can imagine - perfect in these containers.  I may have to buy more.  They are almost always all in use.  I really should have taken a picture with me huddled in the corner hugging all these tiny containers to my chest like someone was trying to steal them - because that's totally the image going through my head right now! HA!

3.  I have realized that Relay Around Columbus isn't possible for me this year.  Even if I were to find away training wise, the dates are during my husband's climb in Ecuador.  Since they frown on leaving young children home alone while you run an overnight relay, and since she's too little to be on the team, that means no relay for me this year most likely.  
Why can't I be on your team Mommy?  I run good!
Until it was taken completely off the table this way, I didn't realize how much doing it again actually appealed to me.  Funny thing since I'd said afterwards that I wouldn't do it again.  Funny how the brain works, isn't it?

How's your week been?

What's your current food obsession?  Ideas on how to break those kinds of obsessions?

Have you ever had that "but I wanted to" moment when you realized you couldn't do a race you didn't think you actually wanted to do?


  1. I am on overload from Halloween candy....I told the kids last night that we should just eat it all so we can be over it...they liked the thought but it didn't work...we still have it and I'm now obsessed with getting rid of it.

    Some time in May 2012 a friend asked me to run a half marathon with her....the morning of July 4th....I had already ran 2 halves and thought it would be fun...I signed up and paid($65) and within a week I wrecked my hip. B/c I didn't properly rest right away I ended up not being able to run on the 4th...I was and still am kind of bummed about it. ;-(

  2. THis week has been all about recovery and some PuMS (Post ultra-Marathon Sadness)!! Healing up well though and getting a little itch to run again....

    Food obsessions? NONE! I have got to remind myself hourly that I am no longer training for a 50 miler.

  3. I've had a good week! Too many dishes in the sink right now (reading blogs is escapism!), but I can't complain really.

    You are so right about little kids and small Tupperwares. Now they use them for taking snacks to school--keeps crackers from getting crushed in their backpacks. :^)

    Two of my good friends are doing a hilly trail half this weekend and they both tried to get me to do it, but I can't with my marathon training long run. All for a good cause, but I'm still a little sad to be left out of the fun!

  4. I always use those little tupperware containers for leftover buffalo chicken dip. Cause if there is any leftover, it's never more than that.

  5. They have these amazing Rubbermaid little containers that I got at Target (located by the plastic baggies for some reason) and I love them so much. Wow, this makes me life sound like a thrill a minute :)

  6. Avery is so dang cute, even when she's upset AND my cuz Lyndsey gave my that EXACT tupperware the other day :)

  7. You could find a sitter and join a team for overnight runs. Don't worry - the rules look weird. Pay for driver, pay for companion runners/numbers. Seems unfair to me! Steve just tried those chips from va beach and declared he didn't like them. I got cinnamon though. Yours sound good. Was that the flavor you got?


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