“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Do NOT take my cookies.

I always have the best intentions of blogging about blog-worthy stories when they happen.  I even am careful to get pictures of some of the relevant stuff....
Runners/Walkers and paintings...an interesting combination
...and then somehow, days pass before I actually get around to doing it these days.  I guess I'm selectively "on task."  Calling myself selectively insert-current-descriptive-word-here is my thing of the day.

Last Friday, a group of people I run with and I decided to do something DIFFERENT with our Friday night.  Call it a celebration that we'd completed our races and didn't have to be up at at the high school for a group run at 6:30am on Saturday morning.  Richard suggested a "wine and canvas" event.  The idea of the event is that they provide canvas, paints, brushes, and an artist instructor, and you paint a picture while drinking wine.

Now, I am not a very crafty person.  I even told them that the idea of me painting anything was scarier than running a marathon when the suggestion first came up.
I feel a little cheated by the event.  Although it was CALLED wine and canvas, wine was not included in the price.  It should have been called paint and canvas.  HA.  There was a cash bar where you could order food and drinks.  One of the other gals ordered 1/2 dozen chocolate chip cookies and wanted someone to share them with her.  I'm nothing if not supportive of my friends' cookie habits, so I agreed to share.

So, now, we come to the important part of the story.  As we were innocently enjoying our cookies, we made the mistake of setting the tray on the empty chair next to me.  Despite warning the lady next to them not to steal any....the guy next to her asked for them and SHE HANDED HIM THE BASKET TO TAKE ONE.

Seriously?  Seriously??????  I just stared at her in utter shock.  I then said in my scolding-Avery voice.  "That was really wrong.  I cannot believe you did that so blatantly."

She acted like it was no big deal and said that they would replace it when THEIR order of cookies arrived.  Hours passed. Still no cookie refund.  I was grumbling about it nonstop to Laurie.  What kind of a person steals someone's cookie?

No one steals my cookie!
During a break, several people pointed out to me that the couple HAD received their cookie order and had it hidden around the corner behind their canvas.  I went over and there were two left.  I asked the woman - "is this the cookie order where I can take from to replace the one you took?"  And she shrugged and said "if you want."

I blinked at her.  In my head I screamed "IF I WANT????"  I not-so-politely said, "well, of course I want, you took one of my cookies."

Her reply?  "I don't think it matters."
It's a cookie....how can it NOT matter????
At this point, I was in complete shock.  It wouldn't matter...maybe...if I even knew this lady's name.  If we were friends.  But, for the record, complete strangers CANNOT STEAL MY COOKIES!  :D

I politely informed her that it did matter, that I had paid for X number of cookies, and I wanted to eat X number of cookies.  I snatched the cookie that was rightfully mine and went over to talk to all of my friends about her craziness like a completely mature 2 year old adult.

Despite the cookie thief, it was fun seeing my friends in normal people clothes and as time passes from the trauma of a cookie theft, my painting has been growing on me. I definitely still don't like it that much up close, but from across the room, it looks pretty darn cool.
I should be a painter!  Or not.
Would I do it again?  Definitely not with this same painting.  It involved over 3 hours of painting tiny little squares, VERY tedious...and my arms are definitely not trained for that kind of an endurance event.  I'm not sure if I would do it again in general though, I have discovered that cookie stealing painting is not really my thing.

Have you ever painted anything or done an event like this?

Would you have just let the cookie theft slide?  What would you have done?


  1. I am cracking up at your description of the cookie event, but hello?! Yes, it matters... you don't take a strangers cookie and then buy your own but not replace it. I'm glad you made sure to get yours back!

  2. I steal sweets only from my children (today being just the beginning....mwah-hahahahaha). Wow--that's a lot of gall! But I'm glad you had some relaxed fun with your running friends. Crafty....not me either.....

    1. Ha! I intend to take full advantage of the "Mommy Tax" as my friend calls it tonight! :D

  3. Your cookie story had me laughing but at the same time I am jealous that you spoke up because I am always such a chickety-chicken in those situations... I let them slide but seethe about it in my head for hours afterwards! I think your painting is fabulous, well done!

  4. Okay, what the heck was I looking at in that picture? Sheesh!

    You retold this story very well. That lady might have been crazy but she was smart enough not to put the effing boat on her painting. Yours does look good. Mine does not. I just gave up.


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