“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Monday, December 5, 2011

Rainier Training: Week 5

Quick Look:
# of Workouts: 9
# of miles ran/walked/elliptical/swam: 16
Weight: 201.0 (Down 1.4 lbs from previous week)
Chest: 43.0" 
Old Waist: 44"  (Down an inch from previous week)
Hips: 53"

Monday: 2.51 miles on elliptical
Tuesday: 40 min ST with Adam; 3.26 miles run
Wednesday: 1600 m swim (about 1 mile)
Thursday:  40 min ST with Adam, 2.2 mile walk, 2.97 mile run
Friday:  Rest day
Saturday:  Rest day
Sunday:  3.41 mile run, 1 mile walk
If I had to pick one word to sum up this week's workouts/training...it would probably depend on when in the week you caught me.  Wednesday night or Thursday mid-day - I would have said AWESOME.  (I even was talked into signing up for another race). Anytime after that, I would say FRUSTRATION.

At the end of Thursday, in a 24 hour time frame I'd swam 1 mile, strength trained with Adam for 40 minutes, walked the dog and baby 2.2 miles and run 3 miles.  I was DONE.  Thank goodness we took the NOBO group out really slow on Thursday...because I was exhausted by the time I got there.  In fact, the group actually commented that I "wasn't myself."

I took a much needed rest day on Friday.  When I woke up to make Avery's bottle at 6am on Saturday, I had trouble walking down the stairs - my quads weren't functioning properly.  After a brief talk with hubby, I decided I had to skip NOBO for the first time since it started.  I needed another rest day.  As a result, I intended to do my run on Sunday and planned on 5 miles.  At mile 2, twinges in my quad again.  Of course - at that point I was almost 2 miles from my house, even if I cut out loops.  I started adding in walk intervals.  Close to mile 3, I stumbled to a limping walk when I felt a large twinge.  SO.  FRUSTRATING.   I grumped into the house, grabbed the dog leash and walked her for a mile to get my head back on straight.

This international condom commercial shows a kid doing what I really wanted to do for a minute or two...
All week long I'd been sneaking in weight checks - and thought I was going to gain weight this week.  As a result - the truncated run almost drove me to tears.  I know, I'm that girl.  It didn't help that my period arrived for the first time in 367 days just before the run.  

I usually try to keep everything positive, because whining doesn't solve anything and only pisses off the people that have to listen to it.  This weekend, I was ready to actually whine my head off.  LOL.  I have tempered that response now and hopefully just gave a factual account of what happened.  :)

On the up side - The equipment I posted about on Wednesday that I puffy pink hearted?  I did again at my strength training on Thursday - and I got my trainer's girlfriend to take photos.  HA!  He added a new aspect - pulling it with a chain. SO hard...but so much fun!
The first exercise from Tuesday that I tried to describe.
After these smiles and me saying I loved it..
Adam said I wasn't working hard enough and added a 25 lb weight to the sled.  I still LOVED IT.
Pulling the sled.
We also did chest press pull-pushes.  Where I would pull the sled toward me and push it ahead of me as far as I could...run up to it and repeat.  That was EXHAUSTING.  Again though, loved it.

A bit of housekeeping:  This morning - I realized that my method of measuring my waist is flawed...and as I lose weight won't be accurate because I have it higher in the back then the front and will be hard to repeat with a measurable amount of accuracy.  (Yes, the geeky analytical chemist rears her ugly head.  LOL!).  So - I kept that measurement on the list this week, but will remove it from this point forward.  I also added a new measurement - called hips - which will be a more accurate measure (if a bit more depressing numbers wise initially).

I hope everyone had a great week!  I will be running the Hope Endures Virtual 5K instead of my usual Tuesday training run tomorrow...in remembrance of another blogger's daughter.  Very special.

What do you do when training hiccups cause a break from the plan?

How do you stay motivated when training frustration strikes?

Have you ever run a virtual race?


  1. OMG, I love that commercial. I had seen it before but I love it! totally have felt that way before!

    That workout looks tough......and you're smiling. You're awesome.

    I hope you get back to feeling more like yourself! We all have our down days but you will get back to it - I know it.

  2. Wow, it sounds like you're doing great. Down almost 2lbs in a week is awesome!

  3. The frustrating workouts are what make the perfect workouts perfect. I think you also learn better how to deal w/ it during a workout, so if it strikes in a race, your mind & body remember how to handle it - and you don't fall apart.

  4. Hi Mandy! Thanks so much for following my blog, and I'm looking forward to reading yours. Way to go resuming your running so quickly after having your daughter.

    I hate training hiccups. My only way of dealing with them is to just move on. Eventually the groove comes back.

  5. Fantastic job this week, Mandy! I love the smile on your face when you're working hard! :)

  6. Thanks y'all! I particularly like the idea that it's just good practice.

    Terzah - it's all Sarah from runningonwords fault. She said I'd enjoy your blog. :)

  7. Wow 9 workouts in a week. Way to get it done.

  8. I refuse to watch that commercial because I'm afraid it will make my boobs hurt (the word tantrum scares me). I want that pusher thinger (I forgot the name already). I think I should hook Delilah up to it. Also, you rock!

  9. Great week, Mandy! I really enjoyed seeing your workout pictures! That is hardcore! You look awesome doing them, though.

    You are doing great, Mandy and I think your end goal will keep you motivated to do what you need to do. I totally wish I was climbing that mountain with you!

    Lately, I stay motivated by thinking about my Mom and how much fun I hope to have in Disney.

    I have never done a virtual race - maybe I should! :)


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