“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Sunday, April 29, 2012

When is too soon?

When is it too soon to start registering for the next race???

I am supposed to be in taper mode for my second half marathon of this season, The Cap City Half Marathon.

This race is supposed to be a big deal for me, because this is the third time I have registered for it, and I've never completed it.


In May 2010, DNS.  I went on a downhill ski vacation a month and a half before the race.  I fell on the last run of the last day.  Didn't even fall THAT hard.  You don't have to when you land on the end of your planted ski pole.  A week later, the doctor confirmed that I had 3 cracked ribs and needed to stop running for 4-6 weeks minimum.  
This may or may not have been the day I fell - same trip though. 
Instead of running the race that rainy May morning, or even cheering my Dad and husband who ran it, I stayed home and studied chemistry.  Wow.  I'm so exciting.

In May 2011, kind-of DNF.  I turned at the Quarter turnoff and only completed the quarter marathon.  For those of you keeping score, Avery was born in August of 2011, so I was 5 months pregnant.  I fully intended to finish the race though, but I got debilitating shin splints (one of the very few times in my life this has happened, all of them while pregnant).  I was hormonal, and sobbing, and at the back of the pack.  So, I quit early.  SHAME.
After the race - I even refused the Half medal for the Quarter one.
Nonetheless, am I focusing on Cap City?  Checking the weather?  Talking about taper crazies?

No.  I'm looking up fall races and finding a half marathon to travel to for fun as "part of my marathon training".  I also am modifying several plans to write my own marathon training plan, but we'll talk about that later.

Earlier this week, I signed up for my first Full Marathon, the Columbus Marathon.  To some, that wasn't that surprising, because I've been saying that I intended to go for all 26.2 this fall.

Just now though, I bought plane tickets and registered for another race.  My first race-cation if you will.
My marathon schedule has 18 miles on it for that Saturday.  To get those in, the plan is to run 2-3 miles to warm-up before this race, not run the race at "death speed," and then run 2 miles to cool down after the race.  I even suckered Laurie into going with me, so I know I'll have a buddy for the extra miles.  AND, I'm working on suckering even more of my running group into going with me.  I like to have company in my crazy.

Anyone else want to come on a race-cation to Virginia Beach?  



  1. I think it's a good plan to combine your longest training runs with a race (as long as you don't race it, of course!). Otherwise those longest long runs can become bitterly tedious... Even better if you do it with a friend! :)

  2. I am so excited we're going! I loved VA Beach and I hope you do too! I think we'll have fun! We totally have to spend time on the beach - its going to be required - so get ready!! It'll be fun!

    1. That's the best part - even if the race doesn't go as planned - beach vacation! Winning!

  3. Races are like potato chips in the "can't have just one" way. I'm really having to restrain myself from signing up for a whole bunch this fall, but I don't know where my injury will leave me.

    Speaking of which, both of those times (your DNS and DNF) sound like good reasons for me.....

  4. Awesome! My sister did that race (I think) a couple of years ago! It sounds like the perfect way to tackle s long run!!!


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