“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rainier Training: 70 days left

Quick Look Weeks of April 16-April 22:
# of Workouts:  9
# of miles ran/walked/hiked/climbed:  25.73
Starting Weight: 220.8
Current Weight: 174.0 (Down 2.0 lbs from previous week!)
Total Lost to date: 46.8 lbs!
Chest: 40" (No change)
Hips: 45"  (No change!)

Monday: Ran 5 miles; ST with Adam 40 min
Tuesday: Ran 3 miles; walked the Zoo with Avery in Bjorn
Wednesday: Stairclimber 0.5 miles; Spin class; ST with Adam 40 min
Thursday: Ran 5 miles
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Ran 3 miles
Sunday: 15K race - recap
So, this week I tried doing a meal plan for dinner for the first time.  How did it go?  50-50.  LOL.  One of the meals was a complete bust (as far as I'm concerned).  The crock-pot lasagna was AWESOME though.  Two nights, we wound up eating out instead.  There was a definite pattern to that.  Friday, we dealt with getting Avery's and my passports, and I was not willing to cook afterwards.  Sunday, with the nasty weather, Mark didn't want to grill.

Despite the fact that I went rather unhealthy when eating out, and binged on chocolate and Twizzlers early in the week, I still lost 2 lbs.  Kind of makes me wonder how it would have gone if I'd been better behaved.  

As I was writing this up, I realized I did exactly ZERO weighted walks this week.  (Unless carrying Avery in the Bjorn at the zoo counts?)  I had a reason why I didn't on every day, but it still bothers me.  I intend to do a weighted walk during Avery's nap today - assuming she takes it.  This week, I WILL DO MORE WEIGHTED WALKS.  Hold me to it!
Enjoying the zoo - just before she moved to the Bjorn
Jack Hanna was filming by the elephants while we were there.
I had a lot of success with running faster this week though - and I find that really exciting!  I'm extremely competitive, and would LOVE to be a much faster runner.  This week I begin my running taper pre-Cap City.  I will also find out if I got in to the NYC marathon.

My Dad and stepbrother booked another climbing trip for June 2013 to Ecuador.  My whole reason for climbing Rainier this summer instead of next (giving me more time post-baby) was because Rainier is a pre-requisite to the Ecuador climb.  I have not booked a spot on the Ecuador climb yet, because I feel that I have to prove myself on Rainier first.  Plus, if I get there and absolutely HATE mountain climbing, it would be rather unfortunate that I had another climb booked.

I had to turn in some registration forms to RMI this week as well.  Rather depressing to put in my current weight, and then write in the fitness section that I plan to lose 15 lbs pre-climb.  I'm sure whoever reads that is saying - "Uh, yeah right."  I would be surprised if I weren't pre-flagged as someone to watch on the mountain.  (Their primary goal is a SAFE climb).  

Thanks for continuing to read my boring this-week-I-did-this posts.  I fully acknowledge that these posts are more for me and keeping me accountable.  I know that they can be boring, and I appreciate y'all for reading them anyway!



  1. I want to go to the zoo. It counts as a weighted walk.

    1. Awesome! Just tell me when works for you!

  2. I've been so bad about reading blogs this weekend that I missed your 15K! Congratulations!! I'm a tad jealous because I was supposed to be doing one of those (also would have been my first at that weird distance) this weekend--not to be.

    I think it's awesome that your weight loss has been so steady and consistent.

    And your comment two posts ago about moms of twins made me smile. When you start out with two and it's all you know, well, it's all you know! :^)

  3. Great job on your runs this week! So awesome that you got to see Jack Hanna.

  4. Carrying Avery definitely counts :) and great job Mandy! I think you are doing soooooo well. I didn't lose any of my baby weight until after Logan was 1! lol so you're my hero :D

  5. Omg I feel ya on the passports! Getting them for me and the kids earlier this year was a mega PIA. Too two tries before we succeeded. Yay for steady weightloss!

  6. Have you heard anything about NYC yet?? I haven't.

    1. I haven't either! I'm sure my credit card company is wondering why I've logged into my account 100+ times since noon. LOL.

  7. You are rocking the weight loss! Are you tracking calories? If so, what's your usual calorie range? I've been counting calories and working out again for six weeks now, and my scale is not moving. Thanks, Mandy!

    1. Thanks Christina! I have not been tracking calories, yet. So far, I have mostly tried to be sensible about my choices, without beating myself up or the occasional chocolate bar. I've also been adding a LOT of workouts. I think by not being too restrictive, my body hasn't gone into that stock up because you're starving mode. I'll have to do a more in depth post about the other things I'm doing!

    2. Thanks for the reponse. You should definitely post about everything you're doing - I would love that!

  8. I read this and forgot to comment! You are doing awesome!! Great job!!!


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