“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scioto Miles 15K Recap

Race: Scioto Mile(s) 15K
Distance:  15K (9.3 miles - I think the course was short though, I ran 9.23)
Date:  April 22, 2012, 9:00am start
Finish time:  1:39:28 (10:46 min/mile avg) - Garmin time
What sets this race apart: The options.  Racers had the option of doing a 5K, 10K or 15K.  Plus, for me, the race was free.  I won the entry in a fun run drawing at my favorite running store: Fleet Feet Columbus.

This course was essentially a 5K loop along the Scioto Mile in downtown Columbus.  I think the course was short of the actual distances though.  I typically run a course rather poorly, on the long side.  This time, I came up short.

I made the mistake of failing to observe the elevation profile pre-race.  Most of Columbus is pretty flat.  This course was not.  My excuse?  They only posted the 10K course map anyway.  Hehehe.  (yes, I know, same loops.  Then again - you can't tell it's a 5K loop from the profile).
The course was well staffed with helpful volunteers for directions on the loops and with 2 convenient hydration stops at the two extremes of the loop.  (Meaning 6 hydration stations for the 15K).  The post-race goodies were nice as well: bananas, oranges, ice cream, chocolate milk and massages.  The shirt was also rather nice.  No medal though.

I started the race out way too fast, again.  I tended to run about a 10 min/mile while I was running.  (which for me, is way fast).  I had to walk during the 2nd loop both times I attempted GU.  (I can't GU and run apparently).  I almost threw up trying to take the Mint Chocolate GU, which would have defeated the purpose.  That one is definitely off the GU list!  (I tried two new GUs today in violation of the nothing new on race day rule - my excuse is I was testing them pre-Cap City which is actually my goal race this season).  I also walked the uphills on the last mile when I started having left foot pain.  Note to self: my older pair of Brooks Launch has seen it's last miles.

I've never run a 15K before, so this was a guaranteed PR.  Nonetheless, this was ALSO the fastest average mile pace for me at a race for any distance.  WOOT!

Problem.  I currently do not show up on the official results page. I have to go with my Garmin time and distance.
My Garmin says 1:39:28 - so I should be near this orange spot, but my bib# was 1417.
Fortunately, Fleet Feet (who also was one of the sponsors of the race) did post several race pictures that I am in, so at least I have some proof that I did actually run it.  At first, I thought this one from the first loop was the only one with me in it, and since I'm hard to see, I knew I would get flack about whether or not I "really ran it".
I'm in the middle, right behind the girl in the light grey shirt.
Luckily, I was in a couple more photos from the next two loops.
I'm to the left of the girl in the bright yellow vest.
This looks like this was one of my walking moments - it's not far from the water, so I was probably GUing
The weather was overcast and chilly - pretty much my favorite running weather.  I had brought a jacket because my husband thought I would need a long sleeve shirt AND a jacket.  Standing around outside COSI (near the start), I wasn't cold, and I knew the jacket would be too much.  My awesome pace coach let me store it in her bag for the race!

Fun race, fun post race eats, the line was long for the massage, so I didn't get one, but I assume they were great.  Not real thrilled with the course, it was extremely narrow in parts (as in single file) making it impossible to pass.  I'm glad I raced it, although I hadn't known I was going to until I started running.  My mental freak-outs over how fast I was going during this race made me realize that I need more practice over long distance with faster paces.

I knew going in there was no medal, but it still makes me a tiny bit sad.  I know, I'm materialistic.  Hopefully, I'll show up on the results though, because that does bother me.  Several others running the race have stated that there are a lot of problems with the timing and results though, so that makes me feel better.

This is probably one of those races where it's a "one and done" thing for me.  Unless I win the entry again. HA!

Update:  Emailed the Race Company this morning, and they fixed it...I'm all official!  YAY!


  1. I absolutely LOVE medals, so I'm with you on the disappointment.

    Nice job! That is an odd distance these days, but I love those races where you a) immediately PR because of it's uniqueness, and b) it helps with whatever you're training for.


  2. Nice race Mandy! I hope they find your time!!!

  3. Way to go! I really think both of racing on the same day in different cities makes all the difference. You rock. And I am glad to be the recipient of 2 Chocolate Mint Gus.....

  4. I admit I love me a bit of medal action, especially after a race with an elevation profile like that! :)

    I tried a Mint Chocolate GU today! I absolutely LOVED it LOL

    Congrats on a fab race :)

  5. Shoot girl, fast and skinny! I love it! And I think I warned you of the horror that is chocolate mint Gu. I love mint and chocolate, but the Gu is awful. Tastes like overly sweetened mint syrup made of completely fake sugar.

    1. You did warn me - but I'd already bought it, so I was stubborn and tried it. Lesson learned.

  6. Congrats on a great race! I always struggle with going out too fast in the race setting, it's too distracting and exciting running with everyone else. But I've gotten better at it with practice. And yay for seeing your paces improving!


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