“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Friday, April 13, 2012

Trail Confessions III

I originally intended to do a post about "doing my hair" or in my case "not doing my hair" and call it "Perpetual Bad Hair Day," but I thought another confessions post might be more entertaining.  

My hair is naturally frizzy and wavy.  Back in the day, I would blow dry it straight, and maybe even use a straightener.  These days, sometimes I even miss a shower post workout.  I think to myself - "Self, what good is a shower after this workout, when you're doing another workout a few hours from now."  Or "Self, if you take a shower after this really late night workout, you'll have to stay up to blow dry your hair or go to bed with wet hair."  My husband is a lucky man.  I did blow dry my hair once this week, for perhaps the first time in months, here's a picture for your viewing pleasure.
This is also my first ever blog bathroom mirror photo.  I obviously need more practice.
I don't do make-up.  Ever.  Okay.  Rarely ever. I put on make up for my husband's work party.  And, I used tinted moisturizer the other day.  That counts, right?  And yes, I was wearing it in that picture above.  You're welcome.

Today at my mom's group meeting, we did shrinky dink crafts.  I had previously never done these.  I decided to make myself a medal for climbing Mt. Rainier (which I haven't done yet)...I neglected to consider how much it would shrink.  Hopefully, this is not a sign of my future success (or lack there of) on the mountain.
Everyone wishes they had a medal this awesome.
When I tried (unsuccessfully) to put Avery down for a nap, I actually looked into having a medal made for if when I summit Mt. Rainier. Perhaps I need better hobbies?

Avery now owns a jumperoo.  She's spoiled well loved.  Wednesday night, she figured out how the jumping part works.  I found it rather hilarious.  Even more hilarious, was when she tried to get the exercsaucer to "jump" the same way on Thursday.  A genius, my kid.  This video is from the night she first figured it out.  She's much better at it now.  I think she got as many giggles watching her own video as she did on the jumperoo though. 

Apparently, I'm not as interested in trying Zumba as I claim.  I have had it on my schedule for Thursday morning for two weeks, and have found a reason not go two weeks in a row.  Here's hoping next week is more successful!

Do you have any confessions of your own to share?

Have you ever made yourself a medal?

Have you ever tried Zumba?  Would you recommend it to a friend?


  1. LOVE the medal!!!! Yeah, makeup and I just never got it on. I hate it.

  2. I'm pretty minimalist with doing hair and make up too... it works out well as a mom not to find the extra time for "getting ready". :) Never tried zumba, I'll be curious to hear about it!

  3. Zumba, what to say about Zumba. Shake those hips? All I can say is it is not meant for everyone and I am one of the people it is NOT meant for... Most people love it though :)

    BTW, I love your confessionals!

  4. I read this and forgot to comment! i love the medal - what a great idea! Zumba? Ugh, I hated it. Maybe my negativity towards it is wearing off on you! My hubby is pretty lucky too - I do the same thing and have been known to sleep in workout clothes so I make it to the gym the next morning!

  5. I have that same jumperoo and it was a Godsend :) I could get a lot done while Logan jumped away in there. I love it! Nice medal - I like the necklace and I only wear makeup for work - it's mandatory but otherwise I never wear it.

    I hate it....aside form mascara.

    I've never done zumba but i've heard it's great :D

  6. I don't do make-up, but even less do I do high heels (that's NEVER do I do high heels).

    We have a photo of our kids next to each other in jumparoos. My son is a blur in that photo. He went through a phase where that's all he wanted to do.

    I've never wanted to try Zumba because of all the ponytailed hippie Boulder men who frequent the class at my rec center.


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