“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Over-packed at the Zoo

I took Avery to the zoo today for the second time since she's been out of the womb, and the first time where I thought she might actually notice the animals.  I packed as though I was preparing for World War III.
Yes, that would be two diaper bags.
It was ridiculously hot for March in Ohio.  As a result, today was also Avery's first experience with sunscreen,  a sunhat, and attempting to drink water from a sippy cup.  I've given her a sippy cup to play with, but today I was hoping she might actually DRINK some of the water.  
What did you put in this thing Mommy?
The elephants heard we were coming and came right to the front pen where they rarely hang out to pose for the camera.  I kept saying "Look Avery, look at the elephants" and pointing like an idiot.  She kept trying to eat my necklace.  She did rather enjoy staring at all the other kids at the zoo.  The aquarium was also fascinating.
Just the two of us
Speaking of other kids - apparently I missed the memo, the zoo was PACKED!  Doesn't anybody work?  Hehehe.  Near the end of the trip, my friend and I realized that it was Spring Break week.  Note to self, avoid the zoo in late March next year.  
The line to get in to the zoo at opening.
I've been experimenting with letting Avery ride in the stroller without the infant carrier attached lately.  This was our first lengthy experiment with it.  She handled it like a pro and didn't seem to get what the big deal was.
Shouldn't you be pushing this thing rather than taking pictures?
Another first today - puffs.  Yes, the food that dissolves into a soggy mess when wet.  Avery loves trying to put them in her own mouth.  Mostly, she puts the puff in her hand, her hand in her mouth, and then removes both her hand and the now soggy puff from her mouth.  FUN!

I was hoping she'd be ready for a nap after all that excitement, but instead, she was rather excited to be home and out of the stroller.  
The animals here are WAY cooler Mom!
She did eventually "try" to nap at 3pm, but was back up again before 4pm.  This made her a very fun child to be around.  
Put down the camera and pick me up NOW
My husband called in the middle of all this fun on his way home.  I guess I gave it away with my voice, because he asked "How was today, was it good?" - I responded with "define good".  He then asked if today was okay.  I responded with "define okay."  He then said "Is Avery still alive?"  Silly man.  

I will say that I was very thankful for my 4 mile run break this evening!  First time I've run since my failed 12 mile run and the bronchitis diagnosis.  I coughed a bit, but not too badly.  I did more coughing right after the run than I did during the run, and I am not coughing at all now.  Hopefully, this means I gave the lungs enough time off!  (I did actually get to sleep laying down last night - rather than trying to sleep sitting up!)  :)

What's your favorite animal at the zoo?

Do you over pack for day trips like I do?


  1. I'm glad to hear your lungs held up well during your run!

    I'm not a big fan of zoos but my favorite animal that you would find at one would have to be either a bear or a giraffe :)

  2. Oh yes, spring break is an insane time to hit the zoo! Now you know for next year. :) L is still not all that into the animals. We try to go every month or two, but she's much more into people watching and running around with the other kids!

  3. I either over-pack or I disastrously underpack--which then leads to overpacking again the next time. When my kids were Avery's age, and up to age three, my "diaper bag" was a backpacking pack from REI (I did you not). I've done away with that, but I think the over/under packing cycle will occur until my children get their drivers' licenses.

    Dolphins are my favorite zoo animal. And it's over-hot here, too. At this rate, we're going to have major wildfire issues this summer. I actually want some more snow and cold.

  4. That should be "I KID you not".

  5. I'm a chronic over-packer. Lately, though, since my little one is no longer in diapers and I don't carry a diaper bag, I find that I "need" less stuff. We were at the zoo on Tuesday and I thought to myself, what if one of the girls falls...OMG! I don't have any band-aids or Neosporin with me... I started to panic, then we walked past the first aid office. Oh yea, they probably have band-aids. Panic attack over.

    Our favorites at the zoo are the polar bears. We just LOVE Aurora and Anana. The lions and manatees are on the must-see list as well. :)


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