“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Monday, March 12, 2012

Rainier Training: Catchup

Quick Look Week of Feb 27-March 4:
# of Workouts: 7 

# of miles ran/stairs: 13
Weight: Not measured
Chest: Not measured
Hips: Not measured.
Monday: Ran 4 miles; ST with Adam 45 min
Tuesday: Ran 3 miles
Wednesday: Stair climber, 10 min 0.61 miles; ST with Adam 1 hour
Thursday: Ran 5 miles
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Flew to Colorado
Sunday: 3.5 hours skiing
Quick Look Week of March 4-March 11:
# of Workouts: 7 
# of miles ran: 15 (vertical miles skied not included)
Weight: 185.0 (Down 0.8 lbs. from previous measurement!)
Chest: 40" (Down 1.5" from previous measurement - not sure I believe this one!)
Hips: 47"  (No change)

Monday: Skied 6 hours, Beaver Creek
Tuesday: Skied 5 hours Vail
Wednesday: REST day
Thursday: Skied 6 hours Beaver Creek; Ran 2.34 miles
Friday: Skied 3 hours, Ran 2.09 miles
Saturday: Flew back to Ohio
Sunday: Ran 11 miles
A lot happened in the last couple of weeks.  I was cleared to try getting on the stair climber again, and successfully did 10 minutes prior to my strength training.  My knee was sore the next day, and we did a healing day at Physical Therapy.

I moved my long run both weeks.  The first week was a fall back week, so I ran my 5 miles Thursday night before my trip and it went great - although the patellar tendon thing I bought to wear on my knee hurt more than helped.  I took it off after mile 3.  The second week was an 11 mile run, the longest distance I've attempted since having Avery.  I was flying on my normal run day, but didn't want to skip it altogether, so I ran on Sunday.  

This past week, I didn't do all my runs because I was on a ski vacation, and the runs I did do were shorter than my scheduled mileage.  I have to admit, the first run in Colorado after skiing for a few days and not running for a week was the most awkward of runs.  It was as though my legs had to RE-LEARN the running movement. It took a couple tenths of a mile until my stride actually felt normal again. 
I'm wearing a borrowed coat, because my old ski coat was a tent on me.  :)
Skiing was both fun, and scary.  I have decided that I am a smile skier, not a GRR skier.  I prefer to have fun and take it easy, rather than ski all the black runs and bump runs.  As many of you know from my Remember When post, I did ski a single black run and some baby bumps for the first time though!  Nonetheless, my proudest accomplishment????  Unlike my last ski trip, I did NOT fall and crack my ribs!  WOOHOO!  No ski injuries to interrupt my training.

The theory behind the ski trip was that downhill skiing is good muscle practice for the decent of a mountain.  Yet, I don't think any vacation is conducive to weight loss, just saying. 

Back on track this week!  For the first time in a while, I have no physical therapy scheduled this week!  I will try to add things back in with moderation though.  My plan is to add some squats back in this week, and try adding lunges back in next week if all goes well.  I will also try to make it back to the stair climber for another 10 minute session.

As a reward for reading all my training hubbub, Avery turned 7 months old on Saturday!  Because she was pretty cranky after flying with a cold, I took the pictures on Sunday. For being sick, she sure is willing to smile when Mommy does dumb enough things (and she loves being naked)!  In fact, this may be my favorite picture of her ever.
My mommy is so crazy!
In this next one, I had just pushed the bear's hand to make it play her heartbeat from in the womb (read the bear story: HERE).  She was completely enthralled by the noises coming out of the bear.

Mommy, Is it alive?

How is everyone else's training going?

I need to start increasing the length of time spent on my workouts.  Suggestions for things to do or ways to do so with an infant?


  1. I have no suggestions on how to train more with an infant because I didn't do much training until mine weren't infants anymore. Translation: you are a bigger bada-- than I am.

    I wish my PT would clear me to do something besides biking....I'll send your knee good vibes!

  2. My training is going swimmingly. And by training, I mean I walked up and down the stairs more than once today. Winner.


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