“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rock Star Mom

Apparently, I completely rock as a mom.  I should be nominated for mom of the year....or something.

As evidence, on Monday and Tuesday, Avery decided that 3am is a perfect time to wake up and cry/scream for a couple of hours.  Literally.  AND, she is still among the living!  See - rock star mom!
If Daddy would just hold me all night, we'd all get along great.
The first time, I gave in and changed her diaper and gave her a bottle at 4:30am before deciding she needed to cry it out. The second time, I tried cry-it-out from the beginning.  Both times, she was awake and crying/screaming from 3am to 5am.  

To add to my total rock-star momness in this regard, LAST night, we neglected to flip the switch that turns ON the outlet where the monitor is plugged in.  On accident, honest! I woke up around 4:30am because I could hear Avery screaming from down the hall and through two doors.  I have no idea HOW long she had been screaming.  I admit, I did sprint down the hallway.  She stopped crying pretty quick when I picked her up though - SEE ROCKSTAR!  :D
I was inching around my crib just like this for YEARS before she finally woke up!
You need more evidence that I rock???  Well, on Tuesday, I was changing Avery on the changing pad on her dresser.  She was sort of zen baby and not moving around, so I decided it was safe to turn around and get some baby hangers for a friend and NEGLECTED to strap her in.  THUD.  Loudest. Thud. Ever.  Silence- wait for it - screaming.  Yes, I let my 7 month old roll off of the dresser top.  I did pick her up and cuddle her until she stopped screaming though - see I still rock!
The scene of the crime
You need more you say?  Since her cold and teething, Avery has been a much less happy baby than usual.  Nonetheless, I have not left her out for the wolves yet.  I did give her a 30 minute bath last night because it was the only time she was completely happy.  And yes, I even drained out the water and refilled it when she peed in the tub.  See, Rockstar!

What else?  I replaced Avery's 3-6 month wardrobe with 6-9 month clothes, despite the fact that several of my most favorite outfits are not available in the new size.  I could totally have made her keep wearing the smaller clothes, but I'm trying to live up to my Rock star mom title.
Hey - this new outfit is pretty stinking cute too Mom.
Lastly?  Nose Frida.  Has anyone else heard of this?  It's a product designed to suck the snot out of an infant's nose.  
Instead of the bulb syringe ones, it has a tube that you SUCK through (yes, with your mouth) to provide the suction to remove the snot.  It's worked fabulous up to this point.  NOTE TO OTHER FRIDA USERS: Do NOT use the Nose Frida for "cold" snot - it's runny.  And, well, the filter on the mouthpiece is not really designed to stop liquid snot.  Yes, this particular experience involved a lot of coughing and gagging on my part.  See, if you'll suck your kids snot, how can you not win mom of the year?

Are you convinced that I rock as a mom yet?  (Let's not forget that I made the kid sleep in a closet while on vacation: Remember When)

I'm told by my other mom friends, that this is all pretty normal days for most moms, but a lot of mommy bloggers out there don't admit this kind of stuff....makes the rest of us fail to see our total rock star qualities!
Some rock star, I had to resort to eating my toys.
Would you ever suck the snot out of your kid's nose? (if you don't have kids, you can borrow mine for this experience)

Which example most convinced you of my rock star mom nature?


  1. I never did use an aspirator per my pedi's recommendations and the risk of nose bleeds. I am, however, a fan of the little noses saline spray, L&K don't mind it at all. We've graduated to the aerosol.

  2. Uh, you just made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Still gagging as I type. Ugh... Yeah that snot thing makes you more like wonder woman mom!!!

  3. hahahaha *gag* That wet snot bit almost made me puke :) Luckily I was able to downgrade it to a laughing fit instead!

  4. Dude, eww. I actually feel bad for recommending the Nose Frida. Well, only a little. Also, I'm impressed you admitted all of that! I'm so sick of shiny happy bloggers who pretend life is perfect.

  5. Had to leave another comment. Had a dream last night that my dog's snog was chasing me telling me to eat it. Woke up gagging, ugh...

  6. L was still waking at night at her age too... be thankful you make it through most nights! L rolled off the bed at 4 months, onto our hardwood floor... that is absolutely the worst thud you can ever hear. I felt horrible- but she was fine, and so many other moms had similar stories. You're absolutely a rock star mom!

    1. Oh Avery doesn't sleep through most nights....just doesn't always spend a couple hours screaming at a time during the night - that treasure is new. :) I'm definitely in good company then!

  7. This post made me laugh out loud. Love it! You are a rockstar. We all have weeks like this and at least you're honest and admit it. Avery is lucky to have you! The nose Frida sounds nasty! YUCK!

  8. oh my goodness, i promise you almost all of those things I have done also, well except that snots, thats just you :) too funny!

  9. Avery's pretty cute even when she's grumpy. I'd have no idea....

    Sounds to me like you actually are a rockin' mom.

    I never sucked snot out with anything. I just couldn't take it.


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