“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Remember that time when...

...I posted a blog post at least 2-3 times a week and read all of your blogs, faithfully commenting on every single post?  I've been on a ski vacation to Colorado for a week - and am a bad blogger.  I didn't update my blog or read any others during that whole time period.  I will catch up this week. In theory.  :)
But my husband and I DID take time to pose with this awesome sign on one of the mountains.  :)
...we made the baby sleep in the closet?  My parents house in Colorado got pretty full by the end of the week with Mark, Avery and I, our friends L and M, my brother Ken, my grandfather and my parents.  To make things easier, and because the closet is bigger than Avery's room at home (well, almost), Avery's bed was placed in our closet.  Of course, once she got her first cold, she slept in our bed with us.  I use the term slept loosely in that last sentence.  Because I didn't take the pictures before her cold, Avery was kind of enough to pose in staged shots for the blog.  Does that make me a real blogger?
Fancy accommodations.
Ok, Mom.  I'll pose as though I'm sleeping for your staged shots.
...I cried because I had to ski down a black diamond run...BUT, I'm skiing because it's fun, right?  One of the "fun" black diamond runs on Beaver Creek is groomed once a week.  We were there the day it was groomed and my husband and my Dad thought it would be a fabulous idea for me to try out the run.  I normally only ski groomed blue runs.  So that I could look at the run from the lift first, we skied a non-groomed blue (the only blue option on that lift) first, and rode up the lift.  I HATED the blue run.  HATED.  So, at the top of the lift, my only real option down was the black.  The steepest part was right at the top.  I admit, I cried looking at it.  I knew that I would need to go faster than my comfort level in order to get down it.  My husband was good and didn't push me.  Finally, his friend, Matt, said, "just follow my tracks" and got me started.  Once, I got started, I actually enjoyed the run.  Not that I did it again, of course. 
From left to right: Mark, Me, Lindsey and Matt
From Left to right: My Dad, Me and Mark.  Different day and mountain - but love this picture.
...I skied the bumps.  On purpose.  Sort of.  And I have video to prove it.  Yes, they were the "training bumps" on a non-super steep hill.  But, still bumps damn it.  This video would be even better if my husband had not talked and distracted me.  :)

...I ran hills at elevation.  Sort of.  My parents house is in the "hills" near Beaver Creek.  Somewhere around 8,200 feet elevation.  Two days during the trip, after a day of skiing, my stepmom drove my brother and I to the "summit" and we ran back to the house.  It winds up being mostly downhill, except for a couple hills...one of the uphills gave birth to all other hills though.  Just saying.  My friends who regularly run at elevation?  I am now willing to admit that I am not in good enough shape to lick your running shoes. 

Imagine here a picture of the route - since I forgot my camera both times.

...I realized that my husband's best friend was actually the baby whisperer.  How have I NOT taken more advantage of this fact???  It didn't matter how fussy Avery was, if Matt picked her up, she was asleep in half a minute or less.  It was nothing short of magic.
I don't feel good....no...wait...I feel...zzzz
...Avery got her first cold and potentially first tooth at the same time.  She had been drooling enough to SOAK her outfits all week.  On Thursday night, she woke up screaming many times.  So, Friday we bought baby Tylenol, since we couldn't find baby Motrin at the place nearest the house.  Then the fever and the sniffles started.  Friday night, Avery spent moaning in our bed, ALL NIGHT.  I dreaded the airplane rides home on Saturday.  The lack of sleep may have been a good thing, however, because she slept like a champ both flights...and even played happily during the layover.  Love this kid.  The trick to baby congestion, apparently, is elevated sleeping.  Brought back out the Rock N Play sleeper last night!  Fever came back last night and this morning.  If it's still here on Monday - going to the pediatrician.
During our layover at he airport she feasted on plastic Giraffe.
This week absolutely flew by and was a great vacation from real life!  Tomorrow I will update on all things exercise and weight loss for the past couple of weeks.  I know your hearts pound with excitement just thinking about it.  No?  Well, okay, but it is good motivation for me knowing that someone out there might read my training updates.  :)

Have you ever been skiing?  What sorts of runs do you prefer?

Any suggestions for baby colds or teething?

What's your ideal vacation?  Something cold (like skiing) or something warm (like the beach) or something else entirely?

Me and Lindsey


  1. Hi Mandy! Good to hear from you, and so glad you visited my fair state and had a good time. I would be lucky to make it down a green slope--I've lived here almost 10 years and haven't learned to downhill ski (I love x-country skiing....) Hopefully that will change when we put our little Colorado native children in lessons. Then it will be time for Mommy to learn too.

    I'm sorry to hear Avery has been sick--babies with colds are sad! Hope she's better soon.

  2. I know absolutely nothing about skiing as the thought of snow just makes me want to scream. Outdoors stuff in the snow & me. Nope. Ideal vacation? A Caribbean island. Oh yeah, let me get to booking that. Sounds like a great week though and I am waiting anxiously to hear how your training/weight loss is going! Missed you!

  3. hahaha I love that Avery slept in the closet.....but man that closet looks bigger than my room as a child ;) and looks like such a nice ski trip. I'm glad you guys got to enjoy yourselves.

    Glad you're back!

  4. Sounds like a fun week! I haven't been skiing in years... but Colorado is a gorgeous place to do it. I love the closet--it makes such a difference to have them just out of sight. Welcome back!!

  5. How the hell do you find time to keep up on blogs? My kid isn't even home and I feel like I'm going to drop. Also, the internet frowns on bathroom babies, but I believe large penthouse size closet is acceptable.


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