“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NOBO and Absence

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?  Sorry y'all, Mark brought home a cold from work...and I have learned that there is not much worse than caring for an infant while YOU have a fever.  UGH.  I'm feeling much better now - other than tired which I think is a permanent condition - and will be catching up on all my blogs!  To make me feel better - Mark sent me edible flowers yesterday.  I think I'm in love with chocolate covered bananas.  Just sayin'.
So, many of y'all know, that the running group I run with, MiT (Marathoners in Training), is run out of my local running store, Fleet Feet.  Fleet Feet also does a couch to 5K program called No Boundaries.  Because of my frustrations with not getting back up to my pace quickly enough, my friend Sarah suggested that I join No Boundaries this session.   The session starts this Saturday and they are training for the First on the First 5K.   If I did this, I would basically run/workout with them in October and November until MiT winter session starts back up...and then I would probably move over to MiT.  (Or if I'm really ambitious, I could do both - they train back to back from the same location).

I'm torn about whether or not to do it.  Some days, I think I should, and some days I think that it would drive me bonkers to join it.   I never did a couch-to-5K program myself.  I started running by self-training for a half marathon...and yes, the initial runs for that sucked about as much as a lot of my runs have sucked lately.  (although - confession time - I haven't run since Oktoberfest).  I am very type A though, and anything too easy isn't worth doing.  LOL.

The head coach of MiT is also one of the coaches for NoBo.  I spoke to him and the other coach last night about whether or not NoBo would benefit me given my situation.  I know that they start with 30 sec run/1 min walk intervals - and I KNOW that would drive me batty.  He told me that there may be some others in similar situations to me - and they might be able to work up a more "advanced" schedule group.

One benefit of the program would be increased accountability, and it would bridge the gap between now and the start of MiT winter session.  You also get a snazzy jacket and technical training shirt.

So - the point of this rambling post is - to get some opinions.  Yay or nay?  I'm too torn to make this decision alone!

Has anyone reading this done a couch-to-5K program?  What was your fitness level going into it?  

Would you recommend it to someone who has run/walked a quarter marathon and a 4 mile race in that last couple of months?

Is my whiny "It'll be too easy" attitude ridiculous?

Here's a cute Avery picture to make up for having to read this...from her first week home.


  1. I had thought about NOBO myself too when I was at an earlier stage of training then I am now but I was told that I wouldn't get much out of it considering what I had done at that point. This was after my first season of MIT. I would say go for it if Jeff thinks he can get together an "advanced" category because that would likely fit you better in my opinion. I'd have to say that my other thought is $$......NOBO AND MIT? That could get costly. On the positive side - I have been doing the First on the First race for the last 2 years and I love it. I'll be there again. If you think you need a group to help you get back in the groove, go for it. It can't hurt. I am like you though - I went couch to half marathon so I can't give advice on the couch to 5K programs although a lot of people have liked it. Phew, that was wordy!

  2. NoBo and MIT will not be all that expensive. You get the alumni rate for both and neither is particularly expensive. Did you find out who is actually leading the runners for this session? You might be better off if it is Chelsea.

  3. Sarah - it's Jeff and Ben who are the coaches this session.

  4. Have they reduced the costs? I knew about the alumni rate - but it is still $150 for a full season, $70 for just the winter. Sometimes that can be a budget buster. I don't know how much NOBO is to have a good idea..........believe me, I think it is 100% worth it so its all up to you!

  5. Laurie - NOBO is $60 on the registration form. So cost is definitely an additional consideration. ;) Thanks for your thoughts on it!!!

  6. I don't know, Mandy! I would be torn too. I like the fact that it would hold you/me accountable, but I might feel like you do - I would want to step it up a notch. I'm no help, right? It might be work doing to ease back into a routine before joining MIT again! Do you know what the MIT schedule will start at? I plan to keep running through the off months and I think some others will probably too, if you want to join us? Yeah, I'm no help! :( Sorry!!

  7. Sara - You're a help in that you've validated me! I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one that would be torn by this! :D And yes, count me in for runs!


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