“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mommy Milers

My local running store, Fleet Feet, is sponsoring a group for mommy's with babies called Mommy Milers.  It's brand new, but I'm super excited for it!  This is the same store that sponsors both of my running groups, Marathoners in Training and No Boundaries.
The first workout was on Tuesday, but I was down with mastitis - inflammation, fever, flu-like symptoms.  YUCK!  So, I was determined to make Thursday's workout despite the farther drive that meeting location entailed....and as it turns out, despite the fall showers.  

I started the day with my usual Thursday 7:30am strength training workout with Adam.  Then, Mommy Milers met at Glacier Ridge Metro Park at noon.  It was cold and raining.  It was our first time at this park so it took Chelsea and I a few tries to find each other.  Turns out, Chelsea and I were the only ones crazy determined enough to come out in the icky weather.
Chelsea getting her letting one ready in the rain

What's wrong with you Woman?  It's raining, close the flap already!
We fast-walked (as fast as you can with the bulky stroller I still have to use - a few more months until Avery can use a jogger!) the Marsh Hawk Trail.  The map says it's 3 miles...but my Garmin said 2.66 miles at the end.  It would have probably been pretty entertaining for spectators to watch us trying to juggle umbrellas and strollers for the first half while still maintaining speed.  When B got a little fussy and Chelsea ran ahead for a minute or two...she gave up on the umbrella....I wasn't far behind on the umbrella ditch.

Despite dodging puddles and cold rain, it was a great workout!  The park is beautiful and we both could see all kinds of potential for as the group gets really going.
The area through the trees was gorgeous!!!

Not gorgeous enough for me to include with the picture of the kiddos though.  Oops.
Avery did pretty well - she was snug as a bug in her carrier and had fallen asleep on the drive.  That's why I love my chicco system - even if it's not meant to be a jogging stroller.  I simply lifted the car seat out of it's car base and placed it in the stroller - and other than a brief moment of eyes open, she was warm and dry during her nap while Mommy walked in the rain  LOL!  I think we might have been the only 4 people in the park that day - I'm sure people would've thought we were all kinds of bonkers if they'd seen us.
Easiest workout ever.
That night - I still did my run with NOBO.  Today - I'm a little stiff after three separate workout sessions...even though each session itself wasn't grueling.

What do you do when the weather turns bad on days of your workouts?  What's the worst weather you've gone out in?
Have you ever done two-a-days or three-a-days?  With my mountain training - I'll need to.

If you have kiddos - do you have a mommy workout group?  Fleet Feet started this one because we all begged for one and couldn't find one...love that.


  1. I do two a days quite frequently and have a friend who lovingly ridicules me on FB for it. I love two a days - lots of me time & stress releasing time! Worst weather? I would have to say last winter season of MIT when they sent us out through Heritage Park on ice covered trails. Yak Traks don't work well on ice. The weather was fine, but the trails were not!

  2. I was doing two-a-days quite a bit this spring. It grew on me, but I never did learn to like exercising after work. Oh, and I ran on ice with Yak Traks pretty successfully last winter, but I may have been lucky.


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