“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Destination Race and more

Well, my Longhorns lost in spectacular fashion yesterday.  Sometimes having a young team can be rather painful.  Avery was especially displeased:
They lost to OU???  I cannot show my face around the block!
After much debate and with the helpful comments from my last posting, I did sign up for the No Boundaries program.  The first workout was pretty easy for me given how much I've done trying to get my stride back, but that's okay.   I'm looking forward to building back up at a slower rate....hopefully that'll help me get some speed mojo going.  Looks like my friend Deb will be joining me in this back-to-basics endeavor AND I've already made a new friend in the group - Susan.  YAY!

After the MiT and NOBO workouts, a group of us went to breakfast (perhaps the best part of group runs).   Over breakfast the idea of destination races came up.

Here's the deal.  Every year, Mark goes on a golfing weekend trip with his guy buddies.  I asked him if he planned to do it again this year (considering Avery's existence), and he does.  SO - if he gets a baby free weekend where I'm left watching her by myself - I think that means that I get one too.  Right? Right? 

He seemed to agree.  My idea is that I travel with running friends (or perhaps by myself if I have to) to a destination race.  And by destination, I mean not here in Columbus.  LOL.

Any ideas or suggestions????   I'm ideally looking for a Spring or Fall race.   Half marathon might be ideal with the rest of my schedule that I'm already planning...but I'd consider a full marathon for the fall.  If I can convince the Lucky 13's, I'd also consider a marathon relay.

I'm already thinking that the Las Vegas Rock n' Roll marathon in 2013 might be on the schedule too...because Sarah said she'd go with me!  (That could be my destination race for 2013).

Thoughts?  Race suggestions?  Have you ever done a destination race?  (i.e. a race where you had to travel).  Any big tips for those types of races?


  1. I still want to go to the Antarctica marathon, but I'm guessing I'm on my own for that. The Marine Corps Marathon is also supposed to be really good.

  2. OH! OH! A relay would be so much fun!!!! Let's do that somewhere. I want to do the Bourbon Chase with the 13's sometime - that one is in the fall. I'm sure Michael would drive us! How far away do you want to go? I really liked the Air Force Half and it is in Dayton. I want to run that full someday, I think. I want to do the Country Music Marathon in Nashville too someday. I love destination races because I get bored running around here all the time!

  3. Sara - I'd be in on a relay! As to how far do I want to go? Ideally - out of state. Although, I will do Air Force some day...


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