“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Training, OCD and Wine

Tuesday Thursday Training Update

Yeah, I'm a bit of an internet slacker lately.  Obvious much?

Last week's training was vastly impacted by my trainer kicking my a$$ at strength training Tuesday morning. I switched out speed work for miles on Wednesday, and was recovered enough to still run my 20 mile run on Saturday.  With Easter, I took Sunday off.  Plus, my ankle and foot tendons were tight on Sunday, so I would have taken the day off anyway.
What she means is that she took the day off to play fun games with me.
Here's how the week went:
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 6 mile recovery run, 1 hour strength training, leg focus
Wednesday:  6 mile sore run, 9:50 min/mile avg
Thursday: 6 mile sore run, 1 hour strength training, arm focus
Friday: Rest day - sore
Saturday: Ran 20.2 miles, 10:27 min/mile avg
Sunday: Rest Day

I made a delicious Easter dinner on Sunday, surprised Avery with an egg hunt and an Easter basket.  She gave the choir and brass ensemble at church a standing, cheering ovation, which entertained most of those sitting near us.
They all live for my applause
This week has been going easier on the training front, my trainer didn't kick my a$$.
I've also been coming up with fun cold weather solutions for Avery's cabin fever.

Tuesday we went to the book store and played in the kids' book section until the mall opened.  Then she enjoyed the mall playground until she tried take a nap on the bench next to it.
This is MY kind of hill work.
Wednesday, we joined Sarah and Charlotte for a trip to COSI.  We bypassed all the exhibits and went straight to the kid play zone.  We played for a couple hours, and discovered that Avery has learned a few fun habits from Mommy and Daddy.  I really wish I'd videoed this orderly sequence.  Since we started in the play area, all the scooter toys were lined up in a row.  First Avery played with the purple one...put it back....then the green one....put it back....then the...
Next you play with the blue one...
You put the blue scooter back in it's spot...
Now the red one...
Her orderly progression through scooters stopped when another kid ran up and grabbed the purple scooter. Then she tried to take both the green and blue one at once to prohibit any more disruption of the orderly progression.  HAHAHA!  If it is wrong to laugh at my child playing with toys in an orderly fashion, I don't want to be right.

I spent last night on a Mom's Night out to dinner...and got typsy on a couple of glasses of wine.  That's right, if I didn't like fancier wines, I'd be a cheap date.  HA!  I actually skipped my morning run this morning as result.  "Feels like 20*F" when I feel slightly hungover from 2.5 glasses of wine just wasn't happening.  Luckily, my running wife agreed to the cancellation.  Of course, Avery doesn't believe in sleeping in past 6:15 am, so my reprieve was short lived.   The current plan is to run after nap.  The plan is that I will load the kiddo into the jogging stroller, run to a park about 2.5 miles away and let her play, then run back home.  If the weather stays as promised.

How else did I slack this week?  I did all of the runs for the Jellybean virtual races and the Running with Spatulas virtual race....and reported NONE of them to the virtual race sites.  I think this is my problem with virtual racing...I'm too lazy.   HA.  If you can figure that one out...

How as your training week???

Anyone else being an internet slacker?  (I guess you won't be commenting if you are...ha)

What's the best way you've slacked in the last week?


  1. Um yes, I've been way behind on blog reading! Avery is adorable in her Easter dress. Best of luck in your half!!

  2. Very behind this week on blogs. Spring break activity has taken blog time away from me. Hope to be back in full force next week:) I am slacking today unfortuantely. Supposed to run, but haven't gotten out of my jammies yet:( Just hanging on the couch with my boys:)

  3. I love that you say you are lazy when you did all you did this week. I am always saying the same thing though. Laziest athlete you will ever meet? Me of course :)

  4. Hmm...the ways I have slacked? Cancelled dentist, took naps, blog reader is very full....

    Nice job on your workouts. There should be a rule about using the word "slack" and the phrase "ran 20 miles" in the same post. ;)

  5. How bad is it that I just now saw this post because my Feedly has over 400 unread? And I'm working all weekend, so I will never catch up.


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