“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Training Tuesday: Where go?

Week of March 18-24, 2013:
Current Weight: 153.8  (Up 0.2 lbs.)
Total Lost to date (since September 2011): 67.0 lbs
Waist: 31"  
Hips: 41"

This week brought the first day of Spring....but no Spring weather.  And Sunday night....Winter Storm Warning....and this is what I woke up to on Monday...
Hello Spring!
Luckily, the ground is pretty warm, so most of the trails were pretty clear by the time I ran this morning.

Let's look at last week's training though...
Monday: Rest day - no real reason why, just lazy I guess
Tuesday: 5 miles TM with 1% incline, 1 hour strength training, heavy leg focus
Wednesday: 800s on the track, read about it HERE.  Total of 7.5 miles run.
Thursday: 1 hour strength training, arm focus.  Musical cardio.  No run.
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Ran 10 miles with 10:30 pace group
Sunday: Paced Scioto Miles 15K, recap HERE

Mondays are typically a cross-train/optional rest day.  I have been taking a rest day there when I've been doing my Sunday hikes.  This past week, I did not hike on Sunday because of last week's 18 miler.  So I have no reason other than laziness for not working out that day.

On Thursday morning, my knee and foot were a not fully recovered from my 800s.  I was stuck doing workout in my basement that night while my husband had his workout and the kiddo slept.  I kept moving from cardio machine to cardio machine as different body parts protests the workout.  Finally, I said forget it and just ate some skittles.  Great workout plan, right?

Second week in a row where I had to forego a Rainier workout.  With the 10 miles each day of the weekend, I just felt like adding a weighted hike on top of it wasn't a wise choice.  Even better - I probably won't hike this coming weekend either with my 20 miler and Easter.  I've decided that's okay because my priority at this stage is my marathon.  After May 5th, priorities change.  That sounds reasonable, right?

I could not be more ready for no snow and Spring weather.  I've adopted Avery's favorite phrase with a slight addition...."where spring go?"   
Eating healthy was a major fail this week.  I have become rather addicted to plain Easter M&M's.  Maybe it's the pastel colors - that makes them taste better???

Less than 2 weeks until the Xenia half!  Normally that might mean some sort of taper, but not with marathon training in full swing.  I have a couple ambitious,yet attainable, time goals in mind for that race, so time to start hoping for perfect weather to arrive!
Less typing, more stomping in the snow Mommy!
Hope everyone else had a great training week!  What is the next event on your schedule?

Anyone else ever had a musical cardio night before just giving in to candy?


  1. Love reading your updates! Sounds like you are going to kill this next marathon!!!

  2. That Ohio spring image made me laugh... We are having the opposite here 30C (86F) days in autumn (fall)! I'm certainly not complaining :)
    I think that Easter chocolate in general tastes better than regular chocolate... I am sure they change the recipe up a little! That could explain the Easter M&Ms!?

  3. I love that is was still snowing yesterday morning and mostly melted by the evening. Stupid Ohio.

  4. Great week of workouts! 800s are tough... with all speed work, I pay close attention to how my body feels afterward. It can easily tip the scale toward injury, but it's also such a great way to improve. Finding that fine line is tricky.

  5. I kind of had an entire musical running week, just finished off by eating two helpings of chocolate pudding. Kind of similar, right? ;)

  6. I am really kind of hoping this week finally brings spring! Totally looking forward to Xenia. I've heard we've got good weather on tap!


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