“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Training Tuesday, taper?

Week of April 15-21, 2013:
Current Weight: 155.0 (Up 1.2 lbs since last reported weigh-in.)
Total Lost to date (since September 2011): 65.8 lbs
Waist: 31"  
Hips: 41"

It's been a bit fortuitous that things have worked out so that Training Tuesday hasn't been posted as scheduled, and that when it has been posted, it's been without weight recently.  My weight ballooned up a bit in the last month.  In fact, even though, officially this report shows a gain, I actually have lost 3 lbs since last week.  (aided partially by TTOM).
That makes me happier than balloon tag!
Nonetheless, first week of taper didn't feel like taper at all.  No hint of taper madness!  (Although, I did get rather grouchy at my husband for pushing the cart too slowly at Costco).  I think it's because my taper is mostly coming in the form of shorter long runs, and I've been disguising those shorter runs as races.  HA!

In fact, going into this next training week, I asked my husband if he thought I was "tapering enough."  How do you know if you are tapering enough, really?

So how'd the week actually go?
Monday: Post hike/22 miler rest day
Tuesday: Ran 6 miles (AM), 1 hour strength training with trainer, ran 1.2 miles (PM)
Wednesday: Ran 7 miles, speed work
Thursday:  1 hour of strength training, Ran 7 miles
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Empire Kids 5K, Ran 5 additional miles
Sunday: Hiked 4 miles with 30 lbs.

Other training stuff?  I tried a new freeze dried meal to test it's suitability for Rainier.  Buffalo Style Chicken.  
We put them in tortillas with a dash of ranch dressing for the sampling.  While, my husband loved it and went back for seconds after eating the rest of mine, I was not a fan.  I will not be carrying Buffalo style chicken on the mountain.
It was a texture issue primarily.  I think.  It was bad enough for me that I decided not to make and try the other meal in the above picture that night.

This week, my weekly mileage looks to be the same as usual, although, I've already started out by running and hiking on Monday, which I normally don't do.  Oh, and I'm running a half marathon on Sunday.

For the record, I'm treating the Nike Women's Half Marathon on Sunday as a training run.  My stated intent is to run the first 12 miles at 10:15-10:30 min/mile.  I'm allowed to do whatever I want for the last mile.  It's in DC, so I'm also allowed to stop for pictures if I'm so inclined.  

Yes, I'm traveling to DC this weekend for a kiddo free weekend!  Funny how all my kiddo free weekends seem to be centered on races.  :D
How can you leave this face Mommy?

How was your training this week??

Do you taper before goal races?  Do you usually cut your mid-week miles as well as the long runs?

Anyone with good mountain food suggestions?


  1. Yuck, that "chicken" does not look appealing!

  2. I do taper, but more with miles than with intensity. Eugene is this weekend--last Sat I ran only 10 miles, but it was a progression run, so the last four miles were fast. The fast stuff really helps keep me from being grumpy. Today I had 4x1 mile at race pace. That's the last fast one.

    Mountain food? Anything compact with peanut butter. Lots of bang for your buck. I wish I could eat PB while running, too, but that does NOT work.

  3. That does not look good at all. Not even remotely. Mark must have a stomach of steel. I am all over the place with this taper. I've decided to do what feels right and go with the flow. Especially since work has gotten especially bonkers. Excited for DC!

  4. I've always dreamed of doing the Nike Women's Half - have fun on Sunday!!!

  5. Glad the taper crazies aren't bothering you! I do usually cut back week day runs just a bit as well as the long run. I'm no help with mountain food...


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