“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Monday, August 13, 2012

Training, Birthdays and Baby Swimming

Week of Aug 5-12, 2012:
Current Weight: 160.8 (Down 2.0 lbs from previous week!)
Total Lost to date: 60.0 lbs
Chest: 39" (No Change)
Hips: 43"  (No change)

Monday: ST with Adam; 6.1 mile bike ride
Tuesday: 6 mile run, 11:37 min/mile average
Wednesday: 5 mile run, 11:42 min/mile average
Thursday: 4 mile run, 10:35 min/mile average
Friday: Rest Day, Avery's birthday!
Saturday: 10 mile run, 11:34 min/mile average
Sunday: 4 mile run, 10:25 min/mile average 
I had one less strength training session this week because of family coming in town.  I also got to run with both my husband and my Dad this weekend!  It was awesome!  Both of them made the observation that I am far too comfortable on my runs, even for a long, slow run.  I was forced to admit that I have been an auto-pilot with a foot on the break for a while now.  (I enjoy running with my friends at that pace!)  

My Dad also pointed out that I have lost 15 lbs since Cap City, I'm not where I was then.  When I run comfortably without paying attention to the numbers on my Garmin, I am significantly faster and still pass the talk test.
Listen to Pops!  He's really smart, he knows to bounce me on his knee on demand!
After a heart to heart with a pace coach of another pace group, I have decided to move up to the 11:30 min pace group this Saturday and see how it feels.  I will not move up more than that in the middle of a training session, but next season, I intend to move up to the 11 min or 10:30 min pace group.  Of course, we'll see how I feel and where my weight is at at that point.  

I took Avery swimming 3x this week.  Twice as part of a swim class before I sent an angry email and got my money back, and once at the in-laws hotel pool.  The hotel pool was the best experience.  Avery did lots of "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpy had a great fall" - at the word "fall," I pulled her into the water.  Towards the end of the session, I dunked her under the water as well.  When she had enough though, we called it a day. 
Help!  Mommy is trying to drown me!
Considering how much birthday cake and other big meals I had with a house full of guests, I'm proud I lost 2 lbs this week.  I am a tad bummed because my Saturday morning weigh-in check was below 160, but I'll get there officially soon!  Avery's birthday was a great success.  I had to laugh because she got as many trucks as she did baby dolls!  Oh, and the big truck was a big success!
Where's the gas pedal Mommy?  Faster!
Avery is also trying to dance now, but she stops as soon as I try to videotape it.  Mostly it's just head bobs, and I am as persistent as she is thankfully.  You're welcome.
She never did really understand the whole "smash cake" thing, despite all the guests trying to give her helpful suggestions on how to get messy.  After a bit, she just cried until we took away the cake and gave her pizza.  I know, Mommy of the year, cake and pizza in one day.
You want me to do what???  Just give me the pizza already!
And finally, a sign of how far she's come in one year....
Avery at 2 weeks old
Avery at 1 year old, same bear.
How did I match up on goals last week?
The MOPS sitters are mostly in place and background checked.
I drank more water this week, but still not enough.  I'm recycling that goal this week.

This weeks goals:
1) Break the 160 lb barrier at an "official" weigh-in
2) Drink more water, at least 7 cups a day
3) Run without watching pace/holding back at least once.

What are your goals for the week?

Would you eat the smash cake after your child played with the icing or throw it away? (I decided to throw it away because we had plenty of extra cake)


  1. Can't believe how tiny Avery was! Wow!

    How I'd love a dad and hubby run... :)

  2. Happy Birthday Avery! I know you're going to smash through that 160: awesome. Nice training week!

  3. Happy birthday Avery! Very cute photos :)

    I'm glad your training is going well!

  4. I'm with you on pacing. By myself, I'm 10:40-11 easy....even on longer runs (not as long as you're doing right now) without stops. With MIT, I'm begging for a break at 12, it's crazy. Probably because I don't shut up the entire time. yeah, that's got to be it.

  5. You know I would have eaten the cake. We've already established I make bad choices.

  6. Happy Birthday, Avery!! That cake looks way better than the one I made for my kids when they turned one--I was still in this earth mother sugar-musn't-cross-their-lips phase (short-lived, that phase).

    I wouldn't have eaten the smash cake, but I would have made myself a whole cake. The first birthday party is as much about the parents as the kid.

  7. Happy birthday to Avery!

    What was wrong with her swim class? I know Faith adores any chance to get in the pool, but we don't get a whole lot of instruction. It's pretty much just dragging her through the water :)

  8. Playing catch up on blogs... so sorry it's so late, but happy birthday to Avery! She is so adorable. I love the comparison pic with that bear!

  9. Happy birthday to Avery! I am sorry I missed that fun cake! Look awesome! You'll have to tell me why you had to send an angry email about her swim class tomorrow morning!


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