“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Not tapering - taper madness

This morning, I did not meet up with my running group for a 16 mile run.  I got up, ate breakfast, and laid back down until the kid woke up.  

I didn't go to meet my group because I'm pacing a half marathon tomorrow.  And running 3 bonus miles after the race just for fun.

Fridays are my normal rest days, so I didn't run yesterday either.  Avery and I went to the zoo.
Mommy - we didn't have to go to the zoo for me to push the stroller - I'll push it anywhere.
By 10am this morning, anything anyone did was extremely annoying.  

In an effort to curb the madness, I suggested we get out of the house and do something.  But, Ohio is having record breaking heat, again.  To get me out of the house, we went to the mall.  Where my husband thought pushing the stroller meant you had to walk the pace of a freaking snail.  I finally snatched the stroller to force the speed issue.

I think I might finally understand what everyone means when they say the phrase "taper madness".  Not that I am currently in taper mode in any way shape or form.  
Taper madness makes me eat the paper in the race packets.
Apparently, two days of no running for Mandy is bad for the whole family.  Once my husband realized what my issue was, he found the whole thing funny.

Which, of course, I found irritating.

In addition, today, I ate my weight in Krispy Kreme donuts.  That was another brilliant "let's get crazy Mandy out of the house" outing.  I'd intended to buy ONE donut.  My husband thought we needed a dozen.  Of course, he can resist sugary confections in the house, and I cannot.  I believe I ate 5 donuts today.  Donuts make a healthy lunch, right?
I'm not sure I really weighed the two options...
Other weirdness - tomorrow I'm running/pacing a half marathon.  And yet, it seems like no big deal, just business as usual.  I'm also racing a half marathon next weekend.  The Rock N Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon.

Again, no taper plans, no nerves, not even really thinking about my plan other than the fact that I intend to race it.  The only thing I am thinking about it is - whether or not I will run a few easy miles before and after the race, since 18 is on my schedule.

When did half marathons become no big deal???  Is it because I'm training for a full marathon now? Because I signed up for the Goofy?  Because I read too many blogs where people are training for Ultras?  LOL.  

I'm sure my nerves will appear just before the race like any other race....in the meantime, every time I see the Rock N Roll posts on Facebook about "only 8 days left" and stuff....I think to myself - really?  Shouldn't I be nervous about making my time goals or something?  I admit, the lack of obsession about next week's half marathon does make me feel kind of cool.

I'm sure I'll get a nice rude awakening next weekend!  LOL!

In other news, my story will be featured in Laura's Purposeful Running series this week on her blog Mommy, Run Fast.  I love her site and felt pretty awesome when she asked me to write it!  Stop by and check it out!

Have you ever experienced not-tapering taper madness?  How many days off did it take to set in?  I'm thinking that two might be extreme.

Have you ever not felt that nervous about a big race a week out?

Would you run a few easy miles before or after a race to round out the 18 - or let racing the half be enough?


  1. LOL, I have been having the same thoughts today! I haven't even given a thought to tomorrow other than to have fun and not look awful in yellow. And the fun Sarah & I will have! And next weekend? Not a thought. I am thinking about beach time and the cool down in the ocean! I am playing the extra miles by ear.

  2. You were quite nice on the phone. I guess I just missed the taper rage? Or I'm awesome. I'll accept either answer. Have fun tomorrow!

  3. Any time I don't run on a day I normally do I have a little mini-madness. And actually Sunday is always my day off and EVERY Sunday morning I find myself yawning, sleepy, slightly grouchy--and I know it's because it's the one day with no run (or bike). So I do know exactly what you are talking about.

    I think if I had 18 on the schedule I'd do the "extra" before the race so I could really enjoy the finish line! Hope it went well!

  4. I become pretty crabby when I miss a run too, and my husband has learned that's usually the issue. Thanks again for sharing your story today in the purposeful running series!


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