“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

What a crazy week this has been.  I have been failing on keeping up with almost everything.  I have started numerous blog posts (at least in my head), and commented (mentally) on many others.  I will strive to be less mental about my comments in the next couple days.  HA!

On Tuesday, I broke up with Urban Active.  
Of course, despite the fact that my contract is month-to-month, I had to pay a $10 fee for the pleasure of giving them 30 days notice of my quitting the gym.  Say huh?  When I said I wouldn't pay it - they ignored it - and told me that if I didn't pay, there was no guarantee that my contract would be canceled.  I understand why they are being sued.  

I then, stupidly, signed up for a 30-day trial membership at a local community center.  What I SHOULD have done, is wait until after the climb (and the 30 days notice required at UA passed) to sign up for this, since I'm basically now paying for two gyms simultaneously.

Does that mean I'll be extra fit and extra buff?

Maybe it was the pool that inspired the stupid decision?  The pool at this community center is AWESOME.  In addition to the cleaner and nicer lap pool (compared to the ex-gym), it has a nice activity area complete with a giant slide, lazy river and a playground with a zero-entry pool.  They even have toddler hours for different age groups so that Avery and I can go together with other moms!!!

I may be a little over-excited about this - and rushed out to add to my over-spending while the spouse is out of town....but Avery has some cool new stuff!
Whatever Mom, this weird new toy is tasty
I promise to take pictures when we go to this awesome pool!  Given Avery's love of all things water (especially the dog's water fountain), hopefully it'll be a successful and fun trip...
Mommy let's me do the best things when Daddy is out of town and I'm fussy!
Avery got a couple of other new toys as well.  A fun little piano and a garden activity gym.   Um.  I admit, the garden activity gym hasn't been opened yet.  This was my effort to make sure I stay married.  I'm waiting to open it until he gets home in a couple of hours and is okay with that particular purchase. HA!  

Beautiful weather this week in Ohio!  Part of the reason for that last purchase - I want to have more things for Avery to enjoy outside - so that I can play outside!  


How is the weather where you are???

Do you enjoy playing in water? If you have kids - how did they like their first introduction to a pool?

Have you ever broken up with a gym?  Did they make you jump through hoops as well?


  1. We had our kids in baby swim classes at six months, and they've always liked the water. However, we're stalled right now (at age five) on actually learning how to swim. I'm over the "just let them have fun" stuff--I want some actual swimming to happen. So I'm looking into lessons for just the two of them....

    I'm no help on the gym. The only time I had to break up with one was due to moving.

    The weather here is *gorgeous* too. I wish I could run outside!!

  2. Yes, I broke up with Lifestyle Fitness after carrying their card for months without going there. It was painful and I can't remember if they charged me anything. Either way, I am proud of you for doing it. I have about 12 months left before I am out there but after that, I might be willing to check out that Rec Center with you! Mommy & me swimming sounds wonderful! Avery will love it!

  3. Ugh, Urban Active! They closed the two locations closest to me, and so I sent in the cancellation forms. I didn't send the cancellation by certified mail, so they pretended they never received it. Of course I didn't realize that until they charged my credit card a few extra times. I called, and a manager apologized and agreed to accept my cancellation over the phone. A few months later they were still charging my account. I tried to have my credit card company stop payment, but I was out of luck because I'd thrown away my agreement with Urban Active and because I didn't have proof that the woman on the phone cancelled my membership. After I sent another cancellation form, Urban Active finally cancelled my membership more than a year after I began the cancellation process because they closed the locations near my house. I think they finally listened because I became the crazy lady threatening to sue. I freaking HATE Urban Active. What a bunch of criminals!

  4. I too had a nasty break-up with Urban Active. They claimed I owed them more than $300 and threatened me with collection agencies and all the rest for over a year (my credit card number had changed, so they couldn't just keep billing me). I had the credit card receipts showing I had met my obligations and their claim was ridiculous, so I figured let them sue me. I don't know what happened, but they stopped harassing me, my credit rating etc. was unaffected, and I've heard nothing from them for about two years.


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