“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trail Confessions

I don't know about y'all, but oftentimes, group runs on the trails turn into trail confessionals.  It's rather enjoyable, and good for my soul I think.  So, instead of a Random Wednesday post - let's do a trail confessions post.

I love to run.  I am kind of a lot slow compared to most hard core runners.  I'm also VERY competitive.  This is not a good combination sometimes.  LOL.
Maybe if I blindfold the fast runners, I can beat them!
I may have forgotten to tell my husband that the Key Lime pie fell on the floor before he ate a piece last night.  In my defense, if he'd read my blog, he would have known!

My husband's birthday is on Saturday and he is impossible to do something for.  I need some suggestions!  His present is that I'm allowing him to purchase and install the sound system he's been wanting.  (That's actually his Christmas, birthday and anniversary present).  He's not a big sweets fan.  I thought about getting a sitter so we could go out to dinner - but since I don't have a regular sitter, I probably waited too late to do that.

My friend Laurie signed up for her first full marathon - and I was ITCHING to register with her immediately after I saw that!  I keep telling myself to wait until I hear back about NY...but that seems like it'll be FOREVER!  I'm tempted to register now for Columbus, and just pay the $15 to switch to the Half if I get in to NY.

Every time I hear about some cool race that some other blogger has done I think - I want to do that!!!  I think I will need to be running with a walker by the time I finish all the races on my list.  LOL

Every day I say - I need to drink more water.  Every day - I don't.  This is not a good thing.  Somehow, saying it all the time is not a recipe for success.

I spent precious sleep time last night after putting Avery to bed...loading the Buffy Musical soundtrack and the Newsies soundtrack onto my ipod for something to entertain me during the boring time on the stair climber.
I admit - when I was younger - I always thought "Jack Kelly" was hot.
I laugh at my daughter...a lot.  Lately, she has discovered the cat, Ginger.  Ginger does not yet know to be afraid of tiny humans.  So, Avery petted her yesterday....with her feet.  Ginger purred the whole time.  A match made in Heaven?

Any one else find Christian Bale attractive?

How early do you register for races/events?  Do you have the same problem I do about wanting to do most races you hear about?? (with the exception of the Hot Chocolate race!)


  1. She was giving her a kitty massage! That's why Ginger sat there for it!

    Register! I want a training buddy! No, I won't pressure you into registering! I registered because it goes up April 1 and I wanted to be early. I registered early last year too!

    1. What the video doesn't show, is that Ginger was actually PURRING! I think I am going to, it's just a matter of time!

  2. I register for races really early! I like to take advantage of the early registration discounts!

    I saw that you might run Wineglass, let me know if you do!

    1. I will let you know! It's definitely being seriously considered!

  3. I think Christian Bale is pretty cute, too!

    Once I know I'm going to do a race, I register ASAP, even it's months away. Some race reports have that effect on me, but others don't. That Hot Chocolate series is coming to Denver--definitely going to avoid that one!

    I tagged you in my 11 Things post today. If those kinds of things annoy you, feel free to ignore it! But otherwise, I'm looking forward to reading your answers!

  4. I am so confused by Ginger's baby love. She usually doesn't go for the humans. Also, you are so lucky you know a couple with absolutely no lives who had nothing planned on Saturday. It's hard being this cool.

  5. I hate water too, which is why I now stock up on strawberry Powerade Zero or grape Propel. Better than nothing (or the Coke I really love!!)

    Signing up for a big race is the best! Event though I have Boston solid on my calendar, I've been itching for another race - sooner than later!

    Lastly, my husband's b-day is very soon too and he's equally impossible to plan for/surprise/whatever. When in doubt, I go for the "free massage" or some other un-buy-able gift :)

  6. You should make him his favorite breakfast for his birthday! I know my husband would love a bacon gift. :)

    I sign up for races when they are the cheapest!

  7. I think I am a camel and drink water as if it might disappear someday! AND I sign up for races, often, the day registration opens (if it is a goal race) because I need something to train for at all times. It is a mind game for me...

  8. Oooh, I second the breakfast comment. My husband would appreciate that, too. Yes- I am always tempted to sign up for more races after reading about them too. My husband keeps me grounded... but blogging has made it hard to know when to draw the line! Hope you get into the NYC marathon!


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