“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Monday, June 27, 2011

I want to climb a mountain!

So, last week, several members of my family flew to Washington state to attempt to climb to the summit of Mt. Ranier.

Originally, the group was going to be my brother Kevin, my stepbrother Ken, his friends Sean and Danley, and my Dad.   A couple of months ago though, after training for 6 months, my Dad broke his collar bone at Margarita Tennis night.   Yes, margaritas and tennis are two things that probably shouldn't be paired together with my competitive family.  LOL.

So, late in the training schedule, my stepmom Janette decided to train and take my Dad's already paid for spot.

They flew in to Seattle and checked in on Monday June 20th.  Tuesday was mountaineering school where they learned some techniques they would need on the mountain.  On Wednesday they started the first part of the climb.  
The gang before the climb started.
The goal of Wednesday was to reach Camp Muir at an elevation of 10,000 feet.  My brother Kevin did not make it to Camp Muir.  I'm not yet sure the exact reasons why, but I know that he was not doing the same level of training for the climb as the rest of the group.
On the way to Camp Muir

Camp Muir at 10,000 feet - not exactly luxury accomodations

The group inside Camp Muir
Janette stopped at Camp Muir.  Again, I don't know the exact reasons why at this point....but considering her age and late entry into the training scheme - I'm so incredibly proud of her for making it to Camp Muir!

Ken, Sean and Danley made it to the Summit.  
Danley, Ken and Sean at the Summit!
All three said that it was the hardest thing they have ever done.  (And Ken has run a marathon!). They also said that all of them had at least a couple moments where they wanted to quit.  Without friends to encourage them, they probably wouldn't have made it.

Their pictures from the summit are absolutely stunning.

Can I just say that I want to do this now????  Is that completely and utterly crazy to say?  My Dad is talking about training for a summit attempt next summer when his collar bone has healed.  I kind of want to do it with him.  I would prefer to talk him into waiting one more year to make sure I'm fully recovered from child birth, etc....but the whole experience sounds amazing.

So - what do you think?   Would any of you consider climbing a mountain?  How about one like Mt. Rainer where at least half of those who attempt a summit each year....don't make it to the summit. 


  1. You forgot to mention the DEAD PEOPLE. I think I'm too lazy and terrified to attempt Mt. Rainer, but I bet you will talk me in to it someday.

  2. LOL! You made me go look up stats to see how many people die attempting to climb Mt. Ranier. Apparently, a climber did die at the beginning of this month...he was the 96th climber to die on the mountain...BUT the first since 2005!

    Sounds like he went climbing without registering with the rangers. Along with 10 other climbers, he got buried by an avalanche. Sounds like those that had permits/registered with the Rangers were forewarned about the high avalanche danger at Camp Muir and didn't make the summit attempt. The other 10 climbers that got buried were rescued...by the same guide outfit my family used. :)

    Doesn't that make you want to do it now? LOL!

  3. I think it sounds amazing and would love to try it someday! Maybe I should attempt a marathon first since that looks a bit harder! LOL

    Like I've said before, I think you can succeed at anything you put your mind to!

  4. Um? Crazy? How about I'll do it with you! No, seriously. No I want to do it!

  5. That's 'NOW I want to do it' by the way.

  6. YAY! We could have a mountain climbing group!

    Update: Janette said she didn't go past Camp Muir because it was hard. LOL. She knew she wouldn't make it to the summit and didn't want to deprive the others of a guide when she would eventually need to turn back.

    Ken described it this way - imagine your hardest 1 hour workout ever that left you tired. Rest 10 minutes and do it again. Repeat 6 times.


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