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~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cops and Robbers

Today was supposed to be an uneventful Monday.  I'd intended to clean out the spare room and make a Costco trip.  After the Costco trip, I was tired, as I tend to get a little too easily lately, and crashed on the couch with the TV remote.

About 1:45ish, someone bangs on my door hard.  So hard, that I'm briefly annoyed - thinking why is the delivery guy or whoever hitting my door so dang hard?  The dog goes nuts.  And before I even get up off the couch, the person bangs on my door again.  I open the door and there is a Sheriff standing on my porch.  He tells me that I have to lock my door and get out of my house and move to the end of the street.  I ask if I should bring my dog and he says that I should just lock the door and go.

I'm 6 months pregnant.  It doesn't take much to get the tear ducts to work a little bit.  I grab my purse, lock my door and start heading where they told me to go.  I ask what's going on - and he tells me that they'll tell me in a minute, right now I just need to get to the location he indicated.

By now - I'm outside - I can see about 10 Sheriff's cars along my street - my driveway is completely blocked and I can tell SOMETHING is going on.  I call my husband to tell him the story and start crying.  I'm so embarrassed.  I explain to all my neighbors when they ask if I'm okay - that I'm fine, just pregnant and that I cry too easily. :)

We're standing outside in the sun at the end of the cul-de-sac.  (It is NOT cool today - about 90 degrees).  My neighbor Kip tells me what happened.  I guess back when we were out of town, his house was broken into.  Today he came home for lunch and saw someone jump the fence into his immediate neighbors backyard.  (the house directly across the street from me).  He called 911.  The Sheriffs responded immediately.  They chased down one of the robbers immediately while the other one fled into the house directly across the street from me.  The owner told the Sheriff's office that he had a large gun collection that the robbers now probably had access to.  Thus, the Sheriffs were being extra cautious and evacuating anyone in the houses too close.

Watching the Sheriffs load up with shotguns and riot shields is an experience I may never forget.  They were also waiting for SWAT.  About 30 minutes pass and the robber decided to surrender.  I guess he didn't like the look of all the shotguns either.  They loaded him up in cuffs and after a bit, they let us know it was safe to return home.

Then - they proceeded with wrapping up the scene and evidence collection.

To add to it all???  I got back to the house - and discovered that my keys weren't in my purse.  I'd locked myself out.  I had to call Mark and have him come home to let me back in.  One of my neighbors insisted I come inside their house for some apple juice and to sit down while I waited.  

And now?  I'm thinking nothing else is really getting done today.  I'm quite comfortable relaxing on the couch in the air conditioning for the rest of the afternoon!  The amazing thing is that I actually live in a REALLY low crime area.  I guess it just goes to show that things can happen anywhere!

OH! Forgot to add - I'm glad I have such "nosy" and vigilant neighbors.  People on my street notice right away when someone is out of place.  Thus, the robbers were noticed and the Sheriff called right away.  Thank goodness!  Still kind of scary!

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  1. Wow, that's crazy! I'm glad everything is ok and the robber was easily scared! Was Cassie upset?

  2. Yikes! This type of thing happens all summer in my neighborhood. Are you SURE you aren't my secret neighbor?!

    I'm glad you are okay and for the record, I would have been crying too!

  3. LOL @ secret neighbor!

    Cassie went crazy when the Sheriff knocked on the door - but y'all know how are living room is in the back of the house - she was napping with me on the couch and didn't even know about the excitement until the knock on the door! Of course - once she knew - she probably barked the whole time I was down the street, she was barking when I came back. :)


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