“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

I thought it might be fun to do one of those put everything in one blog postie thingees.   A series of good, bad and uglies from the past week.

The Good:  Cheering Amy on in the Wendy's International Triathlon!  She did awesome and was so inspiring!   Then we had an awesome breakfast at Jennifer's afterwards!
The Bad:  The 2nd and 3rd helping of breakfast that I opted for.

The Ugly:  The fact that I actually had to throw away my plate to not get a 4th helping.

The Good:  We Mark painted the nursery room this weekend and it looks fabulous!  Exactly as I envisioned!
The Bad:  The name of the color is celery ice.
The Ugly:  Mark used the fact that we painted the baby's room celery ice as an excuse to walk around the house singing Ice, Ice Baby.

The Good:  Bringing guacamole - which I am obsessed with - to the first book club meeting.
The Bad:  Forgetting the guacamole and having to turn around to go get it.
The Ugly:  Realizing that I actually forgot the guacamole TWICE and having to turn around AGAIN to go get it.  Yes.  Twice.  Don't laugh.

The Good:  Lucking out and getting a free Moses basket for the baby.
The Bad:  It was free because no one else wanted the hassle of cleaning the bedding that was covered in spit up stains.  (which I washed out).
The Ugly:  Jellybean decided that would be a good place to use as a litter box when he was having a bladder problem....after I'd cleaned it.  (the basket was actually ruined in this process.)

The Good:   I got to hear my daughter's heartbeat again on Monday at my prenatal appointment.
The Bad:  I also got to do the gestational diabetes test and drink this nasty sugary drink that made me nauseous within 30 minutes.
The Ugly:   Dr. said I'd gained too much weight the past month.  I blame my increased appetite combined with the removal of running from my daily life.  :( He gave me diet suggestions and I felt so fat.

The Good:  I'm not crazy - all my "I'm so tired" feelings have a reason!
The Bad:  The reason is that my hemoglobin is low - got that part of my blood test results back this morning.  
The Ugly:  I'm supposed to add an additional Iron Supplement to my day - there is already iron in the prenatal vitamins.  Can we say constipation?  I may have to adopt Deb's Dad's Poop Report!  HA!

The Good:  Spending time with my husband focusing on us and the pregnancy - we had our 2nd labor class this week.
The Bad:  The nurse's annoying "cleansing breath" phrase.  By the end of the class - Mark was well aware that he would be punched if he said cleansing breath during my labor.  I don't know why it drives me nuts - maybe it's because....
The Ugly:  She says it while we're practicing contractions.  Maybe I just suck at visualization - but how in the world do you visualize/pretend to have a contraction when we're all first time moms?  My favorite part was when for some strange reason she had the moms practice comforting techniques on the dads first.  We (the moms) were massaging the dads...and then she told us to practice a contraction.  I think I hurt Mark's ribs (from laughing) when I asked him - wait, who's having the contraction, you?  In case it needs saying, one thing I can guarantee about my future labor - I will NOT be massaging Mark to get me through a contraction.  HA!

The Good:   The weather in Ohio has finally been super nice the last two days!!!!
The Bad:  I'm ending this post now so that I can go spend some time in it.  HA!
The Ugly:  My lame humorous ending to this blog post.  :D


  1. The Good: Love, Love, Love this post, Mandy!!!
    The Bad: Wanting to comment about each thing!
    The Ugly: The length of my post and the amount of !!!!! that I have used!!! :)

  2. I should make you a sign that just says "poop." Sounds like you need the opposite of the one I normally make.

    Eww, even I realize that joke missed the mark. Too bad!

  3. I love this post! Awesome creativity - I don't think the ending is lame at all! :)

    Don't feel fat! You have a baby in there AND I bet once you start to get the iron thing figured out, you will start to feel better and more normal.

    I loved that Moses basket!!

  4. The guac thing cracked me up because I would SO do this and I'm not even pregnant.

    Can't help you with the contraction visualization thing. My sister likens it to pushing a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon. Of course, I never looked at fruit the same way, but it made sense and gave me a respect for moms!!

    Love you, girl, and can't wait till you are back into running (once the little pumpkin comes out to play!).


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