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~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rescue Run Recap

I totally suck and left my camera in my bag most of the time.  To add insult to that - I cannot find my chord to upload the one picture I did take.  <hanging head in shame>

When I first heard about this run/walk - I thought "what a great cause!".  And then I saw - only the 1st 1000 got shirts and there weren't medals and jokingly dismissed it.  After Mark's injury and my realization that 6 months pregnant and running didn't mix quite so well any more...I didn't think about it again.  Until my friend Sarah mentioned it.  Then, of course, I had to do it too.  :D  A race where I can bring my dog and run with her? Awesome!

Mark had a condition before he would agree to the race - we had to walk.  I guess with his IT band injury, my pregnancy and Cassie's newly diagnosed hip dysplasia...he had a point.

We still almost didn't make it.  We did not pre-register.  Friday night, Mark came home and stated - I don't want to go.  You can go by yourself.  I had a completely and utterly irrational response to that statement.  Tears.  I blame being pregnant and the fact that I've walked at the back of a race by myself before and it's NOT fun.   Then of course - he says - What time are we leaving.  Of course - I'm difficult and respond we're not going because you don't want to.  This continued all night.  

I woke up the next morning and decided I was going because I'd told Sarah I was going.  As soon as I got out of bed - Mark flew out of bed like a rocket.  You could tell he'd been paranoid that I would leave without him after my tears and pregnant temper tantrum.  LOL.  Poor husband.

Cassie got so beyond excited when I got out the leash and filled it with poop bags.  The medicine they gave her for the hip dysplasia is working WONDERS.  She barely sat down the entire drive downtown.   The race started at 10:30am, but we got there early because I wanted a T-shirt!  You can't race without a shirt.  :D  I texted Sarah when we arrived and they met us right away.  They went with us to get Mark and I registered and then it was all about breakfast.  Mark paid for some egg sandwich thing - but Sarah and I took advantage of the free bagels, cheese and bananas.  Yum.  Cassie tried sticking her head in the cooler for cheese - but it was all wrapped up.

After we ate - we walked through all the booths.  Cassie figured out quickly that most booths had dog treats and took full advantage...although she didn't care for the peanut butter yogurt treat some one was offering...she wouldn't even taste it.   That's my dog - nothing healthy for me!  HA!

We got a group photo taken by the photographers on site, which is actually cute and I admit - I ordered a 4x6.  Group Photo: Sarah, Keith, Mark, Me, Puggles and Cassie HERE

Then it was time for the "race".   It was such a weird experience for me - going into a race with the plan to walk the whole thing.  This was the right one to do that in.  LOTS of walkers.  And LOTS of dogs.  I'm still amazed by how well Cassie handled all the excitement.

It was a modified two loop course and they had LOTS of doggie water stations...about every 1000 feet.  It was hilarious - Cassie had to stop at about every other one - but would only drink from the cleanest of the buckets. LOL!   Not so many human water stations though - so I was glad I had water bottles in my bag.  It was hot enough, that even with mostly walking - I wanted hydration.

We turned the corner for the finish line - it was the same one as Cap City and all downhill - so I talked Mark into running that part.  Cassie lost steam as we finished - but still a cute photo.  We saw Sarah and her crew cheering us as we ran in.  Race photo: Mark, Cassie and I crossing the finish line HERE

After the race - we took full advantage of the free ice cream!   I swear this race had better swag and treats than Cap City in some respects!  After that - I got Cassie micro-chipped for only $15!   Then it was time to go home.

Bottomline - had a great time!  Got to spend time with Sarah and meet her dogs and the weather was fabulous.   I think I will always love these smaller races where Cassie is permitted to run/walk with me.  Love my dog.


  1. I love that they had more water stations for the pets than for the humans! And your dog would only drink from the best - of course! She knows how she should be treated!

    (P.S. FIRST!)

  2. Mandy, I'm so glad you came! It was so good to see you! I also ordered the 4x6 because it's so cute. Great job at the race!

  3. I was hugely emotional pregnant, too, and can totally relate to on the spot crying (and getting my way!). Glad you had a fun time!

  4. WOW! I clearly missed out. Hands down I am doing this next year, no questions asked, MIT session or not, I will be there. Will you!? :)

    That is an awesome picture too of all of you!

    I'm really sad I missed out on this race (especially with my pups!), but thank you for an awesome recap! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! :)


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