“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Friday, May 6, 2011

Back from Never, Never Land

So, I went with my family to this crazy bootcamp spa in California called Cal-A-Vie.   When I got back, windows update decided to murder my computer - so I've been mostly offline for two weeks!  I've been going a bit nuts - to say the least.

Anywhoodle - Bootcamp spa.  Where to begin?

Looking down from our balcony and the exercise pavilion - all the classes were held here
First - most people that go to this place are there to lose weight.  They cook your meals based on a set calorie diet without using butter, cream or sugar or anything else that might be unhealthy.  Most people are on 1200 calories diets...and yet still do all the crazy exercise stuff.

They must have been shocked when I said - FEED ME!   I'm 5 months pregnant - 1200 calories will get me through the morning workouts and that's it.  HA!   I definitely sensed a few evil eyes from other women there when my LARGER meals were brought out.  

The three who are climbing Mr. Ranier in June - ready for the hike with their mountain gear.  :D
 So - our days started with a hike at 6:15am through the hills of death.  OMG.  Killer hill in Columbus looks like a downhill compared to the hills of death.  They don't feed you breakfast until AFTER the hike.  That just doesn't cut it - I insisted on some yogurt, berries and granola pre-hike.  Then breakfast - by the end of the week, most of my family was ordering TWO breakfast meals.  HAHAHA.  Again, we weren't their normal visitors.

On the hike...a flat section!  GASP!

Then - they had exercise/aerobics classes from 9am-1pm.  But - you might be scheduled for a treatment during that time.  I was almost always scheduled for something at 11am.  So, I usually did a class or two - then went for a treatment, then played with my cute niece before lunch.
My adorable niece Landry
After lunch - most of the classes were Yoga - which I just can't do.  Not enough going on to keep me interested.  BUT - the afternoons were also pamper time.  Basically, you had to have a massage every day in order to be capable of walking to your exercise classes the next day.

To add to it all - my family was staying in the villa - separate from the normal suites.  It was up a hill and we were on the second floor.  This is supposed to be a health spa - so elevators or anything like that were illegal.  My calves were so tight after the first day there - that even the gal that gave me a pedicure told her friends about my rock hard calves. HA!

Mark and I - on one of the hikes - looking back at Cal-A-Vie...at the bottom of that valley.

The last day there - I pulled out my calf sleeves - just to walk.

I am happy to admit that I only had two pregnancy related tear filled breakdowns.  One - was when they rescheduled something and didn't tell me until I showed up.  Then they wanted to reschedule it during my one planned nap time that I really needed.  The other - was when I decided to go on the golf-course hike instead of the hills hike on one of the days.  I absolutely HATE admitting that I am physically incapable of anything.  I also chose not to do the 200-step challenge at the end of our last hike - but for some reason - I was okay with that decision.  :)

Part of the 200 step challenge - this took place AFTER the hike.  I did not do this.
Of course - my Dad was frustrated with me the whole time.  He thinks that I'm 5 months pregnant and doing too much.  He even told my husband in private "we just can't slow her down."  I think that's my favorite memory of the trip.  LOL!  That or the "healthy" truffles.  OMG - so good...and 15 equals one normal truffle??? Sign me up for 15!


  1. Ahem, where is my box of healthy truffles?

    I'm glad you had a good trip!

  2. She promised me the healthy recipe! Right, Mandy?!! ;)

  3. HOW DO YOU HAVE A BLOG AND NO ONE TOLD ME?! Don't you know I read them like the next best sellers?!

  4. Aw, Sara! It wasn't on purpose! I posted it in dailymile and assumed you knew. :(

    How can I make it up to you?


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