“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Monday, May 13, 2013

Training Shift and Is this normal?

Normally, I post training updates on Tuesdays with a list of what things I did that week for training, the weight loss update, etc.  I won't be posting one tomorrow, because it would be a lot of "I rested while recovering from the Flying Pig."  First time I've been really proud of myself for NOT exercising.  I did not run until the Saturday after the Flying Pig, almost an entire week!  For the first time post marathon, it actually wasn't that hard to take that time off.   By Friday though, I definitely was feeling lazy rather than recovery resting despite some light workouts on Thursday.  I ran on Saturday and rested AGAIN on Sunday.  Back to work this week though.

A question or two has been asked about what I actually include in those training updates.  I typically post training runs, strength training and Rainier training.  I don't typically include walking the dog, yard work or toddler wrangling.  Basically, I don't include activities that I consider "normal day stuff."
Throw me higher Mommy!
Toddler wrangling may be my new favorite term.  It is one of the terms I used to describe my daily activities on the form I had to fill out pre-massage last Wednesday.

Yes, I said massage!  I decided to get a post-marathon massage to assist with the healing process as I did post-Columbus last fall.  This time,though, the massage was AWFUL.  (How is that even possible?)  As in, I'd rather have my toddler beat me over the head with a pan awful.  The place I went to always asked how everything was when you check out (i.e. pay).  My response was "do you want me to be honest?"   Turns out, they did.  I told them how awful it was, and on the spot the manager looked at who I've seen in the past that I liked, and asked if I wanted to come back from a free massage with that person.  Free massage???  Gee, let me think.   The second massage was FABULOUS.  Much better than toddler mayhem.
What else did I do with my extra time last week?  I wrote out a schedule from now until August 18th for the Rainier climb.  This is harder than it may seem.  I wanted to keep a minimum of 20-30 miles per week of running in the schedule, while placing the primary focus on Rainier.  RMI has been emailing us a "Fit To Climb" training program for the past 14 weeks (designed to start 16 weeks out from the climb, which for me was last week.)  The first couple of weeks are pretty light and then it gets hard fast.  Their plan was not written for runners.  Thus, I wanted to make sure I was somewhat following that plan, while also getting my runs and my strength training in.
This may have consumed an entire Avery nap session.
Major changes I made from the RMI program?  They have an hour long cross training on day 6 for many weeks of the plan.  This will be my long run day, despite the fact that my long run will not typically be limited to one hour.  I omitted all of their once weekly circuit training because I will be working closely with my trainer for two strength training sessions per week.  (one HARD, one lighter).  I replaced one of their light easy hike days with a 5 mile recovery run.  To some extent, I have replaced their stair interval training with a running interval training on the dam stairs/hills.  (a fairly even trade).

The big change though?  For the first few weeks, RMI's plan has no weighted pack on any of the hikes.  I've already been carrying a 30 lb pack on my "long" hike, and I'm not going to back track at this point.  Especially since RMI's plan jumps from a 15 lb pack to a 45 lb pack in one week!  I intend to increase the weight in my pack in 5 lbs increments more regularly until I have a pack weight of 50 lbs, which just makes more sense to me.  For any shorter week day hikes, I will be carrying Avery in the Kelty pack, so that pack will be closer to 30-35 lbs.

I also intend to revisit my "Humble Pie" post that I wrote with a list of how my training should have been different after my first attempt on Rainier.  I'll come up with a bullet list to check myself against each week.  Call me on this if I don't.

What else will I be doing in the future?  I will have both a VO2 max test and a Bod Pod assessment done.  My husband gave me a gift certificate for both as a mother's day gift.
What a bod pod or body compensation analyzer looks like
It was the perfect gift, to me, and something I've been wanting to do lately.  I had to wonder, though, is that normal for a woman to appreciate a gift that will assess her health and BODY FAT PERCENTAGE?  There have been many points in my life where I would NOT have appreciated such a gift.  A lot of my friends thought the gift was pretty cool.  So, either it IS normal, or I hang out with less than normal people.  Nah, that can't be it!  I'll try to get some cool pictures of both apparatuses and post full reports/reviews once I do both.

Anyone have any races/events coming up in the next few weeks?   What's the next big thing on your schedule?

Do you create your own training plans or following something written for you?

Would you enjoy a gift of a VO2 max test and Bod Pod assessment, or is that abnormal?


  1. So excited to follow your training, Mandy!

    Hmmm...big races...let me think...Kidding! Playin' Possum 50k THIS Saturday! I am SO excited!

    Training plans, I've done a little bit of everything. Used cookie cutter plans off the internee, made my own and had plans made just for me. I'm thinking I like the custom plan the best, but we'll see how it works out after Saturday.

    And yes, as scary as the numbers may be, someday I would like to have a VO2 max test and Bod Pod assessment. I think it's definitely normal. LOL

  2. Great job not running for a whole week! Maybe if I had done that I wouldn't be sitting on the injured list right now.
    I would love to get your Mother's Day present how awesome!

  3. I think resting is such a valuable part of our training. Oh I fall into the same trap as most, but have learned that the rest part is crucial to resume running strong!

  4. Good job on taking it easy after the Pig!

    I'd love that gift too, under "normal" circumstances - so cool! But right now, being pregnant, I think I'd appreciate a pedicure and a hair cut much more ;) .

    1. I remember that feeling all too well! :D

  5. Good for you for resting and truly enjoying it! I almost always make my own plans... love it. Which is why I started coaching and writing plans for others, too. :)

  6. I would LOVE a gift like that! I think it would be pretty motivating. Cynthia and I had a long conversation about whether knowing your VO2 max would have a good effect. She was joking that we'd either be depressed because it's too low, and therefore we'd know we're limited in what we can accomplish, or we'd be depressed because it's high and therefore we must be a lazy-asses who aren't willing to work hard enough. But I'd still want to know--it's just good info, right?

    I think you're going to run right up Mt. Ranier!

  7. I've never even heard of the Bod Pod! But I do think it's a normal gift. You're normal. I'm normal. We're all normal. (ish)

    I've got no big events planned, race-wise, until November. I'm taking the summer to run for fun. We have a beach vacation coming up and if I get to run while I'm there, great, if not...that's just silly, of course I'm going to run while I'm there!

    Have fun with your training! It sounds like you've created a good plan to follow.


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