“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Training Update

Week of February 11-17, 2013:
Current Weight: 157.6
Total Lost to date (since September 2011): 63.2 lbs
Waist: 32"
Hips: 42"

Since things seem to keep conspiring so that I don't post my training updates until Tuesday, I decided to just embrace the trend and call it "Training Tuesday", why not?

Still on that good ole plateau, but I am fully aware that this is now a diet issue.  At some point, I will have to work this healthier eating nonsense out.  One step at a time.  So far, I am getting much better at accurately TRACKING what I eat, which is a pretty big eye opener.  I'm working at the water, protein and snacking thing.  Sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

How'd last week's workouts look?

Monday: 40 minute easy bike ride on the trainer in the basement (7.92 miles)

Tuesday:  Ran 5 miles in 51 minutes; 1 hour of strength training with Brandon

Wednesday: Ran 10.12 miles.  8 miles of it at marathon pace, 9:30 min/mile

Thursday:  Ran 3.4 recovery miles. 1 hour strength training with Brandon.

Friday:  Rest Day

Saturday:  Ran 14 miles, 10:30 min/mile avg.

Sunday: Hiked at High Banks, 4.4 miles, 30 lb pack, boots.  It was sunny enough that I wore my glacier glasses, because that was something that bothered me on my last Rainier attempt.  They were fine this time.
Can you tell how cold it was?  Hint: I'm actually wearing a hat!
I may have the workout thing covered.  Of course, on Sunday, I hosted book club at my house and tried to eat back all the calories I'd burned for the entire week.  HA!  Totally worth it.
Ribs slow cooking, the whole house smelled awesome.
The pre-rib spread.  And yes, there were only 4 of us this week.
This week, the goal is to make some good, healthy changes and not doing anything stupid before my vacation to Colorado.  It'll be interesting to see if skiing is easier this year.  I actually went back to see what my weight was for last year's ski trip: 185.8 lbs.  One reason why our first day in Colorado will be a shopping day, I need new ski clothes! 

Colorado will also bring my first attempt to "climb/hike" a ski slope in my Rainier gear. That should be fun.  Um. Yeah.
Mommy, that's crazier than dragging this dog bed into the bathroom!
How was your training week?  Anyone race?  Anyone try something new?

Any other skiers out there?  Anyone ever hiked a ski slope in winter?  Any tips?


  1. Hahaha, I ruin pictures!

  2. I share your pain on water, protein and snacks. That's really what weightloss boils down to for me. Not easy. You are killing the workouts girl! Enjoy CO!

  3. Jealous that you got to go hiking! You had a great running week. Nice mileage:)

  4. Errrgh, I know the plateau caper all too well! It's doing my head in...
    Your workouts are still putting mine to shame, way to go :)

  5. I'm really craving some ribs now... :)

  6. On our trip to Granby Ranch two weeks ago, Dan and I snowshoed up a ski run--and it was great fun. It took us an hour and a half to get up (including stops to take in the views) and only 30 minutes to get back down. We were lucky there weren't too many skiers.

    Have fun!!

  7. Have fun! I definitely don't have any advice about hiking a ski slope but you'll figure it out!


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