“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Thursday, July 12, 2012

When Lazy Has It's Rewards

I'm not sure if I failed to set my alarm this morning or if I turned it off when it went off without really waking up.  All I do know is that around 5:45am, my husband woke me saying, "Mandy, aren't you running this morning?"  To get to our group meeting location at Antrim Park by our meeting time of 6am, I need to leave my house at 5:40am.  Damn.
This is Antrim Lake, from Tuesday's run
I texted Lynne telling her what happened and that I wouldn't make it in time.  I told her that I was still going to run, just at my house and closer to 6:30am.  She called me at 6:05am.  Apparently, everyone else in the group ALSO slept in (except poor Lynne) and had to cancel!  She wanted to know if I was still running and was willing to drive to my house to join me.  That's a true friend.  And shows that oversleeping can sometimes pay off.  I still got to do the group run, plus 45 minutes of extra sleep and no driving!  Triple bonus!

I decided to take us on a slightly different route than normal this morning and run along the Orange township path.  Little did we know that a section by the water tower was fenced off because of the storms.  (I'm assuming that's the reason).  We wound up cutting through the grass and running on the side of a semi-busy road to get to the other section of paved path.  At this point - we decided that meant we were being "wild" and went on a "trail run".  Shh! Don't tell me it doesn't really count!  Ha!

Because of this detour, I took us a different way back.  The new way took us past Orange township hall and it's pond - and the view was so lovely that I stopped to take some pictures with my phone.  You're welcome.
We even had some wildlife!
When I got home.  Avery was awake and ready for breakfast.  She has a nifty way of telling us when she's done eating now.  She does the sprinkler.  I kid you not!  I attempted to video-tape it this morning for your viewing pleasure.  Of course, the first one, that looked perfect did not record.  I made her sit there a bit longer to try one more time.  You're welcome again.
Last, but not least, I now have a desk in my living room to read all of your blogs and write my own from!   We had to take down the old display bookcase, because it was becoming dangerous with a walking Avery.  
I have new WALKING shoes!
This gave us the space for a small desk, that we purchased at Costco.  (I may have a slight addiction to Costco.)  I really like having a place for my computer and stuff!
Don't mind the cat in the excersaucer - I mentioned that she defies Darwin, right?

Be honest.  Have you ever done the sprinkler?

Do you like seeing pictures from other people's runs?  
I love seeing where people are actually running!

Are you a morning runner?  
I am in the summer!


  1. LOVE the video of Avery doing the sprinkler! Can't say I've ever done it, but my 7 year old son loves to do it and is almost as good at it as Avery is! :)

  2. We have a decent number of Darwin defying animals between the two of us. I was thinking about trying out baby sign language with C. I think the sprinkler may have to be our sign for done. Or something. And yes, Keith pulls the sprinkler out on a regular basis at weddings.

  3. Love the sprinkler! And the cat in the exersaucer.

  4. Love the desk - it is perfect! Avery is getting SO big and walking!!!! I guess I am the one that has been out of the loop. It looks like a beautiful morning. I hope to run with everyone again soon!! :)

  5. Those SHOES!!! Aren't they the cutest EVER?!

  6. I can't believe Avery does the sprinkler! I actually wouldn't have believed it unless I watched. Logan laughed and wanted to play it again :)

    I love the scenery! I'd get up early too!

  7. Avery is hilarious! Yep, i love seeing where people run. I share my new found trails next week!

  8. That's awesome that you got to sleep in and still run with your friend! We have a desk in the living room, too... it's really nice to have that option, although Lil does not like it when I sit down over there. :)

  9. Thanks so much for the great run Mandy! The Orange Township trail is very pretty -- I appreciated your taking us there. The pics of Avery are so cute! I *love* her sprinkler dance and her new shoes!

  10. Avery is a star! She will be tap dancing and doing the sprinkler before you know it! Adorable. Beautiful run pictures! I always like to see where people are. Although I am usually there with you!


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