“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Caught in a Funk

So, I didn't do a training update this week.  I have read little to no blogs this week, and my only post has been a short acknowledgement of my Dad's Rainier summit achievement.
From my Dad's earlier 2nd attempt this month that was derailed by weather.
The lead guide was a photographer, and got this amazing shot.
You might think this means that I am super awesome and enjoying life so much that I don't have time for the internet.  If only I were so lucky.  :)  For some reason, I've been in a bit of a funk.  It started last Friday, after reading about the Colorado shootings, seeing backlash on some stay at home mommies, and dealing with organizing and planning for MOPS.  (Did I fail to mention that I got suckered into being the coordinator for my local MOPS group?)

All week long, I'd been on the edge of a funk.  I noticed I was stress eating for the first time since Avery was born.  Some examples: I sat down on the couch after Avery went to bed with a giant bag of gummy bears and a book.  I also took down an entire box of Cadbury ice cream bars within a couple days by myself. (and wow were they yummy!)  
If you try to take my fistful of cheese Mommy, we will have REAL issues.
Needless to say, at my weigh-in on Monday, I was not surprised to see that I'd gained 2 lbs.  I was not happy about it, but also, not surprised.

I've composed many blog posts in my head in the past week, and every time I actually thought about getting onto the computer, my inner lazy came out instead.
You can stay lazy mommy, I've got the dishes.
Now, I could blame it all on Avery's short attempt to drop a morning nap, or a million other things...but the bottom line is that I've just been in a funk.  I actually took 3 rest days last week.  (I'd only planned for 1 one of them, but I do think all of them were needed).  I also did not do any mountain training sessions at all last week, and I won't be this week either because I have a race on Sunday.

I've already taken an unplanned rest day this week as well, because my left quad started misfiring after my Tuesday morning run.  I'm blaming pushing too hard in Monday's strength training session until proven otherwise.  I've never had a quad injury before and it was making me really nervous.  It would misfire every time I tried to go down the stairs.  I honestly don't know how to describe it.  That is a similar motion to the isolated lunges I did Monday night, so I think I'll avoid them until it's completely healed.

Is it coincidence that last week was the first week where I really felt like I was training for a marathon?  In my large Saturday morning group, half of the people are training for half marathons and the other half for a full marathon. This past week was the first week where our mileage for the day was significantly different.  

Anyway, I'll stop rambling.  Just thought acknowledging being in a funk and being lazy would help me get out of it!  I am composing a purposeful running story and a review of Salt Stick capsules, so I'm not a complete waste of internet space.  ;)
Mommy, get it right.  Posting pictures of me is a privilege, not a waste!


  1. I totally noticed you were in a funk and mentioned it to Sarah B. I thought you were when I saw you Sunday and then through your quietness! I get it - I really do! And I am jealous of the Cadbury bars.....they sound yummy!

  2. Ugh! I had to stop reading the paper... the whole shooter thing got to me too!

    I don't think I've said this before but I love the Avery photos and how you have such cute caption! : )

    Hope you feel better soon! Don't beat yourself up... you've been a rockstar and are encouraging to watch from blog-land!

  3. Funkified here too... Mine has to do with being totally freaked out by the triathlon... I have read a lot about post event depression. Specifically post marathon depression. I bet it can also apply to mountain climbing. Just saying...

    And you'll be back at it in no time!

  4. So sorry to hear that you were in a funk! I can relate, especially to the stress eating. You are doing a great job with the running, and way to finish strong today with the hill! Awesomely cute pics of Avery too, by the way.

  5. Those are all good reasons for a funk--I completely understand. I AM looking forward to reading about your awesome race. Hopefully that will help. :^)

  6. I definitely have those days/weeks and totally get it. Emotional eating is my first clue, too! Hope you're starting to feel better... sounds like there's a lot on your plate.
    I think it was smart to take some rest days... I've been cutting way back lately too, as I felt myself nearing burn out. And now that I've had a week or two of easy weeks, I'm really feeling ready to jump back in. I appreciate your honest, thanks for sharing!


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