“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Monday, February 13, 2012

Two for the Price of One

Quick Look Week of Feb 6-Feb 12:
# of Workouts: 6 
# of miles ran/hiked: 12
Weight: 188.6 (Down 1.6 lbs. from previous week)
Chest: 41.5" (No change)
Hips: 49"  (No Change)

Avery's 6 month weigh-in
Weight: 16.0 lbs, 50th percentile!!!  WOOHOO!
Height: 25.5 inches, 25-50th percentile
Head Circumference: 43.5 cm, 75-90th percentile --- must be all those brains

Monday: 30 minute ST with Adam, PT
Tuesday: Ran 3 miles
Wednesday: 30 minute ST with Adam
Thursday: Ran 3 miles, PT
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Ran 4 miles
Sunday: 2 mile simulated hike, 13 lb pack
Avery and I are both reporting our weigh-ins this week!  Two for the price of one!  HA!  It's amazing how learning that your child who started at 3 percentile for weight has climbed up to the 50th percentile in only 6 months really makes you feel like you rock as a parent.  It also helps when the pediatrician has nothing but good things to say about her.  Avery passed her 6 month check-up with flying colors, but still hates shots.
No more shots mommy, please.
This was a fallback week for me on my half marathon training schedule.  I admit to feeling a bit lame in that I ran less miles in the whole week than some of my friends ran in one day.  I also eliminated a run on Monday since my long run from the week before was on Sunday.  Monday was also my first PT session for my patellar tendinitis.  The second session was on Thursday and involved heat and sound waves being applied to my right knee.  VERY WEIRD feeling.  He then intentionally caused some micro-tears in the tendon to encourage healing and applied an electrical ice pack.  As a result, although I'd planned to do 4 miles on Thursday to make up for missing on Monday, some knee issues crept in around 2.5 miles, and I decided to stick with 3 to be safe.

I'd said I would walk carrying weight this week and almost failed.  I finally sucked it up around 10pm Sunday night, and laced up my mountain boots, loaded a dumbbell into my pack and got on the treadmill for a simulated hike.  I made my husband take pictures of this craziness...
This pack is lighter than Avery!  Easy!  HA!
Additional random Rainier stuff?  The duffel bags we'll use to drag our gear to Washington State arrived this week.
I'll be good Mommy, don't put me in the bag.
I also may have found what will ultimately be my downfall.  Neapolitan Oreos.  It's two cookies in one!
Soo tasty, but soo not what I should be eating.
Lastly - my Dad is climbing mountains this week.  You can follow his climbing team's progress HERE.  The two peaks he will be attempting are Ixtaccihuatl (17,340) and Pica de Orizaba (17,701'). Hopefully, I'll have some awesome pictures to share when he makes the summit and comes back!

Do you have a favorite snack that you just couldn't resist?

Anything new in your training this past week?


  1. I love any and all "limited edition" food items. I have to try it. :)

    I love that treadmill pic, too funny!

    1. I actually thought of you when I saw them - it's why I thought to take a picture before opening it. True story.

  2. I knew Kara would have to try those Oreos. Also, you forgot to put clothes on the baby. It happens. I would do the same thing I my kid was that super adorable.

    1. She's happier that way - what can I say. :)

  3. That's hard-core (you on the TM with that giant backpack). My kids were 5.5 weeks early and not on the charts either. 5 years later? Son=75% for height and weight, daughter 45% for height and 35% for weight (doc says she's just a small person--nothing wrong with that!).

    Yes, we rock as parents! :^)

    1. That's awesome! You definitely rock!

  4. Sounds like a great week for both of you! And cut-back weeks are definitely important in training, so no shame... enjoy it! :)


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