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~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Monday, July 25, 2011

What's in a name?

Ultrasound this morning - she's playing with her feet!
Ok.  I am 33 weeks, 6 days pregnant.  This morning at the ultrasound, everything looked good.  Heart beat is 147 bpm, my blood pressure is good and they estimate she's about 4lbs, 9 oz.  At this point in our parent's pregnancies, both my husband and I had already been born. 

And yet, Bug still has no official name.   Our problem is that there are no girl names that we love.   Most girl names we're somewhat lukewarm about.  Names he likes better, I don't like and vice versa.

Or even better, names I really like - don't sound good with our last name.

We have a middle name.  Jean.  It's my middle name and I got it from my grandmother, so it's a family name and special.

Everyone I know - always asks - do you have a name yet.  And my answer is always the same - No.   Then the parade of names begins.  I feel bad too, because generally, I have the same problem with all the names in the parade as I do with all the names I've been looking at in baby books, etc.

We want a name that is preferably not in the top 10 most common names...and yet isn't some weird Hollywood type of name....I never realized how hard it is to name a child.  And how much pressure there is to have a good name.  I keep telling Mark - we're at crunch time now.  We. Must. Name. This. Child.  LOL.

So.  Dare I ask for suggestions???  <ducks and hides>

Editor's Note:  The day after posting this we narrowed down our name list to two names with one front-runner.  Apparently, we just needed the added pressure of this blog post.   :)


  1. LOL! When we were pregnant with Noah, the name we had picked out for a girl was Hannah. That's still one of my favorites! Then, there's the name Amy... :)

    Good luck! I know it can be difficult when this is the name they will have forever. You'll figure it out and it will be beautiful!

  2. I like Ailey Jean. Of course, Danny would like Alma Marge.... ;-)

  3. Don't pick Sara(h). Seriously, I loathe my name. My mom always wanted to name on of us Samantha (a name I obviously cannot use. Damn you, Bewitched!). I gotta think about this, although I'm deep down secretly terrified you'll use the name we picked if we ever have a girl. I guess that would mean we are both awesome namers?

  4. I'm nor sure about what I would suggest, Mandy! I feel like that is such a personal choice! I really do like the middle name, though, especially because it is special to you!

  5. What about that dream you told me about? What was that name again? I like it, I think!


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