“At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.”
~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Training Tuesday: Panic time

Week of August 5-11, 2013:
Current Weight: 156.8
Total Lost to date (since September 2011): 64 lbs

Oh crap.  One week from today, I'll be checking in with my climb team on Rainier.  I'm not even excited yet.  I've been in denial that it was so close, and now that it's one week away, I'm panicking a tiny bit.  Did I do enough different from last year?  Did I do ENOUGH period?  Too late to change anything now.

New things from last week
Switched out hill repeats for mile repeats on Wednesday.  Also switched out my long hike for a dam step session. Brought the family along (Avery loves the nearby playground).  Did extra repeats on the hill to practice mountain rest step. 
Family that does the steps together....
Fun Stuff from last week:
Avery turned 2 on Saturday!  She's been practicing her terrible two tantrums and perfected them on Thursday, a couple days BEFORE she turned 2.  I also took the front side of her crib off on Thursday because I'd had enough heart attacks from near head dives.  Coincidence?  Oh.  And she has already fallen off the "big girl bed" 3 times.
Big girl beds require Mickey Mouse pillow cases.
Here is what the week looked like day-by-day:
Monday:  Rest day/appt with Dr. Bright about PF
Tuesday: 1 hour strength training; 5 mile recovery run
Wednesday:  MIT Speedwork, ran 7.61 miles including mile repeats
Thursday:  Ran 5 miles recovery, 1 hour strength training
Friday:  Rest day, birthday party errand day
Saturday:  Ran 10 miles, 9:35 avg.  Toddler birthday party
Sunday:  93 min at the Dam Steps (26x steps, 4x hill rest step, 30x total).
T-ball is great exercise Mommy, but I'm doing it my "SELF."
This week will be more of the same.  I will be hiking today with some friends wearing my husband's mountain boots.  That's right, my husband's boots.  I've been complaining about my boots being a smidge too small.  Turns out, my husbands boots are size 42 (mine are 41).  Why didn't I know this before???  I'm going to try his boots today to see how they feel, I will potentially wear his on the mountain if it goes well.  

I have to go through my pack list and my climb gear list to begin the packing process this week.  I also need to buy the foods for Avery to have pack lunches for her first week at a daycare.  Other than "doing nothing stupid," those are my major to do items this week before we all find out if all this training will pay off or not.

I will not panic.  I will not panic.  I will summit.  I will summit.

What routines do you go through the last week before a major race/event?


  1. Wow, I can't believe you're one week out already!! Awesome training week. And happy almost 2 years to Avery!

  2. * not almost 2 years, happy 2 years!

  3. Wow it's almost here!! So exciting, I know you are going to reach the summit!

  4. Happy 2nd birthday to Avery! And yes, YOU WILL SUMMIT!! Good luck!!

  5. I'm late reading this post, so I hope you're now in a good calm place. You HAVE done enough and you will summit this year for sure. It's so exciting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather.

    Happy late birthday to Avery, too--she's getting so big-kid looking!

  6. You will summit! Trust your training! Excited to see how it goes!


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