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~ Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Friday, June 15, 2012

She's not spoiled...honest

This post will be all things Avery.  Fair warning.  :)

Last weekend, after our workouts, we took Avery to visit some friends and their children.  While there, Avery discovered the joy of their water table.
It's like the dog fountain....but better.
She liked it so much, but I did not go home and order one the next day.
I have no idea where this came from.
And I definitely did not put it together during nap time so that it would be ready when she woke up.
Then where did these come from mom?
Avery 1, Mommy 0.

I did win when it came to the baby stuff community sale the other week.
The deal you got on this kitchen makes it even more fun. 
And $5 for this???  You're the best mommy.
Really.  She's not spoiled.  Honest.

A couple of weeks ago, I promised stories of Avery drama.  They are really more stories of how not awesome of a mom I can be.

First story.  We have a gas fireplace in the living room.  Avery has used the glass to stand up numerous times.  I have repeatedly checked it for heat since the pilot light was on.  Cool to the touch.  
Sure you did mommy.
The offending fireplace is in the background.
She now has this awesome Little Tikes Activity Garden to stand on instead.
Then, while my friend Cynthia was here, Avery demonstrated her standing skills in the same spot, and sat down crying.  She stopped and then stood up on it again.  Then she started crying and stood there.  I'm looking at her feet trying to figure out what she stepped on.  Nothing there - but her cries are pain cries.  I lean on the fireplace glass with my hand - SCALDING.  I yank her off the glass.  Her little hands are red.  Off to the sink we go to run cold water on them.  Of course - water always make her happy.  She giggled at this point, so as mommy fails go, it wasn't too bad.  I then added some first aid ointment.  She was happy crawling on her hands and there were no blisters, so we decided against a trip to the hospital.  (And yes, we have now disabled the pilot light).

Also when Cynthia was here, Avery was on the couch with me.  She rather enjoys burrowing in the cushions.  Something happened to distract me for mere seconds, and she rolled right off the couch.  Face first.  Great job Mommy.  This even resulted in a little red spot - for a few seconds.
Ow - it hurts so bad.  Ok, even I can't say that without laughing.
To add to these bits of mommy gold?  The day I posted my "I take it back" post?  Avery and I went for a walk using the kelty pack - something we've done a hundred times.  
So much so, that I even pulled out an OLD photo here.
She leaned out the side to see better and was fussing non-stop.  Long story short, after multiple attempted adjustments, I returned home.  She continued to cry and refused to put weight on her arms to crawl.  She was holding her head funny like her neck/shoulders hurt.  This was the day my car was in the shop.  (of course!) I made Mark come home early to take her to the pediatrician.  (I'd also given her advil).   An accident made that drive there take 45 minutes.  When we got there and got Avery our of her carrier - Happiest. Baby. Ever.  I found myself saying "I swear I'm not making it up, she was holding her head funny, etc."  I guess it was my turn to be the crazy "my baby is hurt" mommy.  Apparently, Advil works.  Doctor reassured us that the carrier was safe.  But, interestingly, I haven't used it since.
That was my plan all along.  I have all these toys to test.  No time for hikes.
So, now, weeks late, I have finally posted about the "drama" and shared how spoiled well-loved my daughter is.

And she sees her grandparents next week.  I'm sure they won't spoil and love on her at all.
What??  Not even a little bit????
Oh.  Ok.  Maybe a little. 

What do you think is cuter smiling baby pictures or crying baby pictures?

It's hard to believe that starting tomorrow at 1:30 - I'll have approximately 24 hours of no Avery....Overnight relay here I come!

Hopefully this satisfies the demand for more Avery content.  I know I'll be all about the mountain for the next week (after my relay recap, of course)!



  1. No. Not spoiled at all. Mine aren't either. I promise. ;)

  2. We have a grate in front of our gas fireplace to keep the dog and kid away and it works really well. One time the kid pulled it down on top of herself and is now terrified to go near it. :)

  3. Yay!!!!!!!i needed my Avery fill!!

  4. Why does that stuff always seem to happen when other people are around?! You're not alone.
    I'll be thinking of you this weekend- can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. Those are some great pictures and I love the captions! We're going to have such fun with RAC!

  6. Spoiled? Maybe a little bit but with a beautiful smile like hers, who can blame you!?

  7. She's SO cute!! How old is she now? We're learning a lot from you two!


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